Gears is back… In book form

I don’t really know if CliffyB was really crafting an intricate and meaningful story for the Gears universe between rounds of Unreal Tournament and Halo, however it seems like there is more to be said in the universe other “Cole Train!” and “Incoming Frag!”  Former game journalist Steven L. Kent is attempting to give Gears more of a story than it had in the game with (the long winded) Gears of War Pendulum Wars The Battle of Aspho Fields.  Whether Kent succeeds in bringing something out of very little is up in the air, although if Eric Nylund could give us Halo: Fall of Reach there might be hope for the Gears prequel novel.

[Via Joystiq + NeoGaf]

Matthew “Webnet” Moore

2 Responses

  1. i loved all halo books i shall love this

  2. Anybody plan on getting this?
    Looks okay, but will it ruin the movie?….which probably wont come out at this rate.

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