Arby is coming to a store near you


Todd McFarlane has yet to release his series 1 Halo toys to the extremely excited masses; however, being no stranger to riding the hype train, McFarlane Toys just released pictures of the infamous Arbiter. I knew that good old Arby would be back in action figure form sooner or later and apparently he’s brought friends: Drones, Spartans, Brute Stalkers and a Master Chief variant will be hitting store shelves as well in series 2 of McFarlane’s Halo inspired toy line. Series 2 look great Todd, but can we have series 1 some time soon?

[Via Joystiq + Xbox 360 Fanboy]

Matthew “Webnet” Moore

2 Responses

  1. I’m gonna pass, my Godzilla figures look good enough for my desk.

  2. They should make an elite with the combat armor permutation, I would definately buy that its the coolest looking model in the game.

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