The Xbox Domain’s Game of The Year

2007 is about to wrap up and of course we must post the Game of The Year that you readers chose. Hit the Jump for the Game of The Year.

That’s Right. Bioshock has been chosen by you Xbox Domainers for the GOTY award. Congrats to Irrational Games aka 2K Boston. Oh, did you want to know the winner of all that cool shit we were giving away? Sure you do.

The winner of that cool prize package is Jefferey Adams from Providence, Rhode Island. Congrats and happy gaming to all.

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

6 Responses

  1. yaaa, i figured… and congratz jefferey!

  2. You spelled “Geo” wrong.

  3. Congrats Jeffery
    Bioshock is winning everything :O

  4. It should be winning, I am playing through it for the first time (late I know) and am loving it like those horrible urban Mc Donald’s commercials.

    I like the choice 😛
    Enjoy your prize Jeffery.

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