Xbox Live up and running…..but (update 3)

Update 3: Everything should be in the land of milk and cookies once again. “Up and running” it is.

Update 2: It seemed as if Live was all well again, but that still may not be the case for some like myself. The service status now reads:


Users may experience intermittent issues logging onto Xbox Live. Our engineers are continuing to investigate and are working to resolve this issue. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Update: The service status page on has been updated with the good old “Xbox Live is up and running.”, with none of the below detailed issues accompanying it. Everything “should” be fine now. If you still have any problems let it be known with further comments.

As many of you have no doubt noticed, Xbox Live is in a bit of a freak out state at the moment. It’s working, but to say that it’s smooth sailing would be a gross over statement according to the status message provided on the support page, as of the moment of this writing.

Off-line gaming may be “so last century” for some of you, but if the below details affect you in anyway, you may find your self with no choice but to be Xbox Live impaired for just a little bit. e and his Xbox Live operations team are sure to be working on these issues, so be patient. If it’s not freezing in your neck of the woods, that thing called outside may be calling.

Up and running

Users may experience issues performing transactions dependent on Windows Live ID availability including but not limited to Xbox 360 and Zune account creation, renewal, recovery, all DMP transactions, and logging into or creating Windows Live ID accounts. Users will experience intermittent issues including but not limited to: Tournaments, Storage Downloads, Gamer Tile, Statistics through Arbitration, Match Making, and Messaging. Additionally, Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 users may experience issues joining matches or posting statistics. Customer Support may also experience issues referencing customer data. We are aware of the issue and are currently working to resolve it. We apologize for any inconvenience.

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

17 Responses

  1. I could understand maybe one or two outages but this is getting out of hand for a service we pay for.

  2. Its probably all those people that just opened their Xboxes and decided to get slightly addicted to multiplayer games.

  3. This is getting pretty frustrating.

  4. Yes this is out of control. after all the talk of making xbox live free and now its undergoing a lot of difficulties i dont see how they cant fix this problem. xbox live is smothered in money. with all the money they have they should fix this in no time. also, i think if this continues, we should get another additional free month of live. does anyone else agree?

  5. I blame newbies…..

    So sue me.

  6. I just got charged for another year of XBL. I’m not sure what they did with the money. XBL is broken atm. It’s not like they host our GD games. Is consistent matchmaking to much to ask for?

    Oh yeah, must be the holidays. I mean, it’s not like MS could have predicted that a lot of new members may show up around the 25th of December.

  7. We couldn’t recover my brother’s gamertag on my Xbox because Live is FUBAR’d. I’m glad I have the privilege of paying for this service… I feel like a Blackberry user now! This better be fixed soon.

  8. Now we’ll start seeing the hypocrits come out of the woodwork since so many people defend how XBL is worth paying for.

  9. Logging into Live and having empty blades are one thing, but having the number of friends online notifications pop up only to still be presented with a login in option after already being logged in is maddening. Sure, Live Arcade it is. Nope. The Games blade is empty as well preventing access to Live Arcade, games played, demos, or more like anything worth while.

    Oh wait, that’s not it. I continually get logged on and off randomly, even when I have a pass code attached to my account login. Then there’s the forced title updates that seem to be happening for every single game I try to play even when I know I already have those updates already. Going through with the update anyway ends up with the file failing sometime during the download only to have the entire process repeat once again.

    I’ve been trying to get some playtime in on the multiplayer portion of GripShift (giving it its fair due, of course) for over a week now only to be unable to due so because of this sh*t. A small player base maybe the issue after all, but this is getting to the point where that PS3 is looking better with every foul up at the moment. Blasphemy I know, but what else are any of us to say or do until it’s fixed.

    e: I’ll give you a gigantic fried Snickers, Mars, or whatever the hell you want for a solution to this debacle. I’d like to play some of these games I’ve spent well over a thousand dollars on (now) sometime soon.

  10. It’s funny how Microsoft, the grandfather, father, and godfather of the OS and all things monopolized, didn’t anticipate and plan ahead for the influx of users and noobs during the X-mas/New Year season. If that is the case, of course. I just bought my year subscription card for the upcoming year but I will still be signing up because there are alot more users on Live.

    The PS3 network is good since it is free but the user base isn’t there yet to encounter some of these problems yet. Plus more often than not if a game is out for both systems I am getting the 360 version because of the online user base and of course the achievements! 😉

  11. This is ridiculous. For the last two days it has taken up to a half hour just to get one game going. I have seen far too many “restarting search” messages in a row to care for. Its a shame microsoft has the monopoly over online halo3 gaming.

  12. Even the customer service automated help guy is having a meltdown… He was saying, “I did not..not..not… understand…”
    and kept repeating … is MS melting down?

  13. Is live STILL down?

  14. Well I`m getting pretty much fed up with that crappy service that we FN pay for. Could not play, send chat invite, logg in my XBL account. That service is pretty much F’ed up. I`m putting my xbox 360 for sale and trying that free service with the PS3.

  15. straight frustration…..constant issues with “lobby closed” hmmm maybe an extra month for our troubles isn’t such a bad idea!

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  17. […] about the status of Xbox Live anymore(during the process of this case). Xbox Live has been in a rut this past couple of weeks and gamers are not amused. Maybe Major can tell us the status of Xbox […]

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