Rumor: Microsoft and Mystery Studio Making a "Better" Metal Gear


After months of circulating rumors about Metal Gear Solid 4’s console allegiance, a new rumor has surfaced concerning a secret Metal Gear clone from a “highly talented studio”.  With continued denial concerning a multiplatform Metal Gear coming from Konami, a MGS clone does not seem so farfetched.  Although the kicker in this vague story is this quote about the visuals from Game Guru’s anonymous source,  

“The studio has managed to pull off visuals that were previously thought to be next to impossible on the Xbox 360 and is supposed to look better than any PS3 game that has been shown or is available on the platform exclusively till date.”

I don’t know if this could be considered bull until E3 rolls around.  And remember, the source did not confirm or deny Microsoft has given up the fight for MGS4 on 360.  Though, knowing the current PS3 install base and the sales of 360 games, I doubt Konami could stay PS3 exclusive very long.

[Via Xbox QJ + Game Guru]

-Matthew “Webnet” Moore-

4 Responses

  1. Just to say, alittle off topic..XBL is going crazy today.

  2. The first studio that comes to mind is EPIC because of the praise they received about Gears’ graphics, or Bethesda for Oblivion.

  3. I doubt either, Epic doesn’t do stealth games and Bethesda only does RPGs. I am guessing it would be Rare considering they have Perfect Dark on their resume and they have been quite quiet.

  4. Just put MSG4 on 360 so I don’t have to buy a PS3 😦

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