Microsoft "Working On" Holiday Xbox Live Issues

Broken Xbox Live

If you have been trying to play games over Xbox Live you have probably run into a few more hiccups than normal.  Major Nelson has been twittering on the subject all day and says that the system is being fixed.  The issues that started yesterday have been causing problems for people who are recovering their accounts from Xbox Live.  Major also goes on to explain the team is “still working on the dashboard and matchmaking issues.”  Hopefully Live will be back to normal so we can get back to our respective fragging. 

[Via Major Nelson]

-Matthew “Webnet” Moore-

5 Responses

  1. Is all the tech people back from vacation? There are a lot of people disappointed right now…

  2. I want my xbox live back, this sucks! They couldn’t have these problems when I am not on vacation? When I actually get time to play some games on my time off their crappy system fails. BS

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  5. […] was surely going to be a strain on the Xbox Live service anyway you look at it. After the events of this passed holiday season as regards to Xbox Live not exactly preforming up to snuff, some could say that is a little […]

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