Metal Slug 3 Coming to Xbox Live Arcade Jan. 5th


Metal Slug is the only major arcade game I can truly remember from my childhood, I spent most of my time on home consoles instead of dark and dingy arcade rooms.  It was that game that took so much money from me and did not care how I felt about it or if I was trying to break the joystiq when I lost.  It seemed to stare at me with its giant evil looking television screen and mock me.  The helicopters that were obviously rigged to shoot me at an angle that was impossible to evade.  The mummies that would sneak up on me while I was distracted.  The boss battles that were not made to be fair and were built to torture foolish children.  Now it is coming to Xbox Live Arcade to steal my time and self esteem once more; and I cant wait.

[Via – Major Nelson]

-Matthew “Webnet” Moore-

3 Responses

  1. Finally!
    I gotta get new MSP.

  2. YES been wanting this FOREVER

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