The Xbox Crowd Matures


If you have browsed forums, seen web comics, or watched a Zero Punctuation video about gaming there is one common reoccurring theme, fanboys.  Their existence is seemingly filled with a desire to prove something and act as free marketing devices to spread not only propaganda but disdain for those who do not see eye to eye with them.  These immature and confused beings pollute the web environment with their filth and savagely corrupt the whole community.  They seem to be on some divine crusade to defend a product purchase and validate their buying choices.  The effect of these enthusiast causes others to foster false perceptions about the more docile and less irrational group.  They seem to speak for the body of gamers as they are commonly the most vocal bunch. 

I am writing this because I feel annoyed and embarrassed with the behavior of fanboys.  There are so many rational and intelligent people playing games on Xbox 360, yet we have been reduced to a bunch of drooling jocks who twitch whenever they can’t shoot a gun or look at some busty woman.  Artistic games like Bioshock shouldn’t have succeeded on 360 if stoned frat boys were the main audience.  It sold extremely well despite the perceived audience of high pitched children that so inhabit Halo 3.  I believe that this year was a turning point in the maturity of gamers in general.  Storytelling is now being looked at as important and is not simple tacked on at the last minute.  Writing in games like Portal creates a sense of wonder and excitement instead of just explaining the use of the right trigger.  Cinematic sequences and styles are being taken into account like in Call of Duty 4.   I believe people who play games on 360 are due more respect than received.  Yes, we can be called a vocal bunch when you hear whines for chocolate milk and crappy rap music playing through someone’s ghetto headset, yet PS3 players don’t usually have mics to play the Final Fantasy 7 soundtrack through or scream about Naruto canon do they. 

-Matthew “Webnet” Moore-

4 Responses

  1. Problem is, Halo 3 attracts the stupid kid audience. There are better games for more mature people, but most people Think Halo when they think 360, and when you think Halo you think of a bunch of homophobic racist punk kids who need a few teeth knocked out of their mouths.

  2. Fanboys are tools, Gamers are the elite. I always end up owning every console of each generation.

  3. Technically, fanboys are gamers. o.O

    I currently own all 3 consoles and both handhelds. The PS3 seems to be doing better now…. but in all honesty, still pretty meh. The Wii though, playing a ton of Godzilla Unleashed on it right now. 360 is getting its love when I finish Persona 3 to start on Mass Effect.

  4. Not in my eyes, fanboys pick a side, gamers are open minded.

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