System War Fodder- DMC 4 Comparison Video

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Oh boy. It’s another edition of Gametrailers “Video Comparison” series which this time takes look at the unreleased Devil May Cry 4. Notice any differences? Pull out your trained eyes and view the video.

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

4 Responses

  1. /sigh
    More fuel to the fire

  2. I see absolutely NOTHING different.

  3. Honestly, does anyone even think these are different trailers? Chances are Capcom made one from one system and just stuck labels on it so it went to the proper sites. I just can’t see a company bothering to set this up twice.

    Which really highlights how ridiculous these features are lol.

  4. Well this wouldn’t be system war fodder without some fodder so here’s go NOTHING. There is a difference as far as the trailer is concerned. Slight, but nonetheless apparent. The resolution is much better on the 360 version. There is a little more lighting and textures in the 360 version than the PS3 version although its hardly noticeable unless you stare really hard at it. Otherwise there isn’t a difference with gameplay or overall design. As always…360 FTW!

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