Show your COD 4 Prestige Pride!

What’s up Ya’ll? Thrills reporting for duty to tell you about Pavel’s Call of Duty 4 Prestige Icons for use on forums, myspace, and other placements of community. Click Here to download the icons because it’s awesome, that’s why.

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

14 Responses

  1. Awesome, is there really someone who would go through prestige mode 10 times? :O

  2. Check the leaderboards.

  3. I haven’t gotten halfway through the first time. lol Damn you Master Chief! Keeping me away from COD 4.

  4. Nice, Very nice.

  5. I looked at the picture and it said “Plus Mile High Club achievement bonus icon. If anybody knows what this means please e-mail me. My e-mail is

  6. it is hard i am on my first lvl of prestige

  7. whats up with lvl 5 really? i mean wtf is that? looks like a long lost cousen to the tellytubbies or something

  8. I’ve seen people online w/ 10 Prestige. I didn’t know you can do it multiple times and get new icons. I just thought you get to choose one, but I’ve seen that gold cross a bunch of times, the green diamond, and that ugly Teletubbies cyclops. Of course, Prestige 1 is common also. The others, i haven’t seen.

  9. i think the 5th prestige looks the coolest out of all of them and thats probably where ill stay once i get there…but im only 2nd prestige as of now

  10. Yea. I thought prestige was a waste. I started last night though and it turns out to be fun. Go ahead and add me, just let me know where you got my tag from. My tag is ObediantPanic. I dont really have a K/D to brag about by Accuracy is 25.58% which is pretty nice.

  11. im working on my way to 10th prestige as of now, im currently at 6 going on 7 im pretty good at cod 4 and i love playing Search and Destroy + Domination, if you’d like to add me my tag is Xx FaZe1 xX as it says up top.

  12. hey, i love cod4, i dont play any other game exept rarely halo 3 with my friends. my favorite is the last prestige icon. i looked at the picture and it said mile high club icon, wats that? i kick ass at cod4, my name for x-box live is ryryanannayr51z…add me and let me know if u want a challange…lol

  13. I got all the GOLD weapons and I will never trade-in any of my weapons for just a prestige Icon.

  14. i got the gold cross =] its great add me iam nice my gamertag is kelmister for 360

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