TheXboxDomain Clan!


They (whoever they are) say that copying is the highest form of flattery, so I say thank you to all the other blogs that gave us the idea to start our own pseudo-clan using Xbox Live’s Friends of Friends feature. If you want to join up with some really great people (who else would read our awesome blog?) then just send a Friend Request to….

GamerTag: TheXboxDomain

This way you can keep in touch with all the cool kids in town. See you all online!

David “Whet Wurm” Wetty

9 Responses

  1. f yeah im in…once box gets back from red ring

  2. I love how Microsoft is encouraging everyone to get around there flawed 100 person limit and no official clan support. Oh well. F request is on its way. A giant Halo 3 recking ball party is in need.

  3. lmfao, great idea, im deffinatly in.

  4. I added my tag.

  5. I’m down, I sent a FR.

  6. Sent a FR as well. 🙂

    Neat idea.

    We should also get a CoD 4 night going along with Halo 3.

  7. Sending FR after I delete a sorry soul from mine.

  8. Glad to see so many people joining up! Keep the friends coming!

  9. Added 🙂

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