New Journey’s End Halo 3 Vidoc available for the "noobs"

For those of you who haven’t been basking in the glory of all that of which is Halo, and instead have been under a “Gigantor” sized Halo rock during the last six years of so (if that’s the case chances are your not reading this either), this new “Vidoc” is for you. “Journey’s End” chronicles the Halo Universe up until the events of Halo 3 for the fortunate folks out there who will be getting Halo 3 as a present over the next few weeks or so due to their Holiday of choice.

If your a Halo effectionado then move along. This is most definitely not for you. Instead, take the video around to the people in your life who have no clue as to what this Halo thing is all about. They just may learn something. 😉


-William”thewilleffect” Bell-

2 Responses

  1. *sigh* They should’ve had that one ready before the release of Halo 3 – I had never played a Halo before (as thousands of other gamers too, who game to the XBox with the 360) and had to deal with a story I didn’t know. Now I don’t want to see it, because in case there’s something left to surprise me, I want that to happen during playing Halo 1 (which I plan to get).

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