How loyal are you to Xbox?


Its been said time after time. “You need to work on your priorities.” It doesn’t matter what exactly that means to you, but in the case of a 18-year-old from South Elgin, Illinois who’s first instinct during a fire was to save his Xbox, that quote makes perfect sense. We all love our Xbox’s (hopefully), but in the event of a fire, lets hope you have bigger things on your mind then saving your Xbox.

SOUTH ELGIN — When Jeff Conover realized his family’s home was on fire, he did the first thing any 18-year-old would do: He threw his Xbox console out the window to safety, then went into the flaming garage and tried to drive away his 1988 Honda.

The Honda didn’t survive, but the Xbox and all three people in the home did, as the fire at 3 Longbow Court caused an estimated $100,000 damage Tuesday afternoon.

*Check out the via link for an image of the destruction the aforementioned Xbox was saved from.

[Via Suburban Chicago News]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

11 Responses

  1. My hero!

  2. There is no way I would let my car burn before my 360, even if it was 1988 Honda. I would save my Wii first, anyways, ha ha!

  3. In case of fire – attempt to get as much shit shoved into my backpack as possible, namely the valuable DVDs. After that a duffelbag I toss all 3 systems into.

  4. Your damn right I would save my 360 and all my games.

  5. First thing I’d really do is take my computers harddrive and put it in a bag to carry out.

  6. man i just got a red ring of death =[
    looks like no rockband playing on christmas day =[
    no COD 4
    no halo 3

    but i would still save it in a fire lol

  7. Whats a Wii….O_o?

  8. what a fucking idiot…
    jeff is my cousin.

  9. who ever thinks conover should b their hero is a fuckin retard jus like him!

  10. I would have saved my car before my xbox dumbass

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