Fall Dashboard Update Impressions

Microsoft released the brand spanking new Fall Dashboard Update earlier this morning and so far so good. Browsing through the Video Marketplace and Live Marketplace have been made much simpler(no more 10 minutes searches for content). The “Inside Xbox” option gives us a look into what’s going on with the Xbox Community and the “Xbox Originals” will be great for gamers who missed some good games on that old black box.

Overall, I’m pleased. The only thing I found a little weird/personal was skimming through my friends buddy list. I know it’s part of the update and you can even block people from doing it but I felt like I was still invading privacy. It’s no big deal now and I’m over it but it was a bit weird that first 10 minutes. Remember, if you don’t want people checking through your friends list, you can BLOCK them. I won’t be doing it because I don’t care who checks out my friends list but some people might still find it “weird”.

Also, if you’re interested to see how the DviX/ XviD works, check out Gizmodo’s testing session.

What do you think of of the update?

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-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

15 Responses

  1. You think its weird to have be browsing through your friends list. Well, your friends should block you if they are so worried about it. Seriously though, I don’t find it weird to be looking at what friends we both have in common


  3. This feature allows for a kind of clan/community system. A leader can create a silver account for the group and then members can add that account to their friends list. It allows access to give invites and send messages to members of the group without every member needing every other member on their own list. It also creates a central place for the leader to have messages sent to.

  4. Very good point SPB. I’m not in a clan, but it’s very helpful in that way.

  5. I’m still spyin on yer friends Thrills. :O

  6. I have to agree that browsing the Marketplace is now much easier, wow they did a great job with that BUT I whish that Inside Xbox was available in more countries 😦

    Oh and FYI the dash translation in foreign languages is worse than ever lol..

  7. I love it! I finally got to update my “child” account, plus the whole design is very streamlined. A+

  8. I think the update is good, but I have a problem though. Do you know if “Xbox Originals” is open to everbody? (I mean around the world) Because I can see the games (I even downloaded a theme and some gamerpics) but when I try to download a game it says that it aint available on my area. :S

  9. I love it, it moves more smooth and things are easier to find, one thing I’ve had a problem with though, is friends list not loading correctly and when playing Halo 3 lagging out because my Dash Freezes while Im attempting to look at a friend’s profile. Other than that its great but that could use a fix.

  10. […] Xbox Domain has a quick rundown of the update, although they are concerned about the friends privacy […]

  11. There are some good things like the Divx/Xvid playback possibility but what they did to the games blade is BAD – the old one was MUCH better: Who wants to have his/her Arcade-Games and Demos counted as one? And why did they add an unnecessary filter like “last played games” but removed all of the old arcade-category-filters? Plus, they added those “featured downloads” (advertisements) which look almost like normal dash options. In my opinion the new games blade is a step backwards.

  12. Anyone else having problems with the new update. It downloaded on my box last night fine and everything seemed to work well untill i wanted to play one of my games. Suddenly i’m geting “disc unreadble” or “open tray” (when a disc is in it) which never happened before. My games are def not scratched. i tried all my games, some would work then wouldn’t when i restarted it, but most of the time i couldn’t get anything going. This morning it was working more then it wasn’t but c’mon this is rubbish. My box hasn’t moved from its place since i got it so its not from miss-use. I have tried taking the hdd off (that seemed to work) but still its intermittant.

  13. TeamDan:

    I don’t know what to tell you. It maybe time to call up Max. It’s unfortunate. You say you haven’t moved your 360. By any chance have you blown out the air vents or dusted it since you got it. It’s a unrelated thing, but that alone will help with heat and freezing issues for most.

  14. I usually keep it well dusted but i’ll give it another go and keep trying before i call tech support.
    Still interested if anyone else has experienced any problems with the update though.

  15. I haven’t been able to play Halo 3 online since I updated. Matchmaking won’t work and I can’t load film clips or the new maps after I download them. It will go to 29%, then back to 0, then say “player failed to load content”. I’ve gotten no help at all from tech support when I call. I am very upset at this point.

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