Bioshock gets title update and DLC, available now

Straight from the bowels of The Cult of Rapture come the details of the just released title update and free DLC for Bioshock. Released back in late August of this year, the greatness of Bioshock has largely been forgotten after the flurry of releases that came later. Nevertheless, Bioshock is ready to reclaim its glory with the following title update and DLC info.


– Added widescreen option: Horizontal FOV
– Fix for rare case where a partial cache is not cleared
– Increased Atlas’ volume in German
– Fix for GUI sounds not playing during heavy action
– Fix for not being able to take picture of Cobb in Rec
– Possible fix for pauses or hangs when opening flash bink movies
– Fix for switching difficulty breaking achievement
– Fix for small texture streaming bug
– Fix for rare hang when a lot of things are going on at once


– Added Disable Vita Chamber option
– Plasmid Pack is included in this DLC (Machine Buster 1 & 2, Vending Expert 1 & 2, Sonic Boom 1 & 2, EVE Saver)
– 100 point achievement for beating game without Vita Chamber called “Brass Balls”
How to do it:
Must beat game on Hard
Must not use a Vita Chamber (you can always roll back to an earlier save)
The Vita Chamber Disabled option can be on or off as long as you don’t resurrect

[Via Cult of Rapture]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

2 Responses

  1. […] comparison screenshots of the difference between the way it used to be versus the way it is after today’s title update. Bare in mind that you have to turn it on in the pause menu to get the fix for this minor […]

  2. Downloaded early this morning, can’t wait to try new Plasmids.

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