Rock Band guitar news, unlock all songs code, OMG!(Update)

I picked up the special edition of Rock Band this past weekend and wow this game is great when you have some drinks in you. But, you don’t want to hear about my drinking escapades, you want hear about what EA is giving to those who had broken guitars. Readers of Dtoid and Kotaku have been receiving emails from the “Rock Band Team” which should turn that frown upside down if you had a faulty guitar.

Greetings Rocker,Congratulations on your purchase of Rock Band!

After reviewing our records, we see that your recent request for a replacement guitar has been subject to an unacceptably long delay due to a late shipment from our manufacturer.

By the time you receive this, your replacement guitar should be on its way to you. However, the Rock Band team is committed to providing a world-class customer experience and we do not believe we have met this commitment in connection with your request. As a token of our appreciation for your patience and understanding, we will be offering you a FREE EA game. Details will follow shortly.

We are sorry if your first experience with Rock Band has not met your expectations. We hope our gift will show you how committed we are to your satisfaction.

Thank you,

The Rock Band Team

Free game? That’s good news.

The second part of this article has to do with a code that Godfree posted over at GTR that lets you unlock all the songs in Rock Band. I know that sucks the fun out of the game but it’s very handy when you’re having a party and you don’t have the majority of the songs unlocked.

Here is the code.

Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, Red, Blue, Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue


Rock on!

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

33 Responses

  1. NEED

  2. Does this code disable saving?

  3. where do i enter the code at ?

  4. Hey, I am having a party in a couple of days and i need to know where to unlock all the songs.. i have your code written down ubt.. i just cant find out where to put it.

  5. you input the code at the start menu where it says “press start” you have to do it fast or else it won’t work (at least for me). If it is properly inputted, a message will appear saying the cheat is enabled.

  6. Worked for me just keep doing it as fast as you can a few times at the start screen

  7. At first I thought the game was great, now the guitar isn’t hitting the notes sometimes, the drums are the same , CALIBRATE dam how many time do you have to……… also the dam cheat code doesn’t work ,, tried it at least 20 times fast slow up down

    can you say frustration, glad I am not a kid I wouldv;e stomped on this crap already……………..

  8. I think this code will only work on the Xbox, there is a different code for the PS3.

  9. hey mike, my guitar was doin the same thing, i just sent it back and got a new one and it works fine now

  10. this is not working for me! Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I have hte PS2 RB… game the cheat does not work !!!!!

    anyome know how to unlock all the songs ???

  12. i know it disables saving when i enter the code….but if i turn the game off and then back on, will i be able to save again? i dont want to lose my bands progress. thanks for any info

  13. I have the same question at JT, I don’t want to unlock all the songs but not be able to save my Tour Progress anymore.

  14. why dont u just play solo tour

  15. Guys, it works on the ps2 version. I’ve used the drums and the fender to tap it in at the start screen and it works.

    After you see the screen that says “Rock Band : Press START button” you’ll hit Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, Red, Blue Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue. A popup will show stating songs are unlocked and saving is disabled.

    As for the saving again, yes. After the console is turned off, it reverts back to the original game state. What I would do, just to be save is 1) Disable auto save, 2) pull the memory card out when you want all the songs. When you’re ready to continue your band’s progress, just plug the memory card in after resetting the console.

  16. The code won’t work for PS3 ive tried it 30 fricken times fast slow or w/e it doesnt work help me!

  17. confirmed, works on 360 version. tried with drums and guitar (no strumming). Just do it fast.

    Also, it disables saving. As in, it doesn’t save the fact that you entered the code. You need to input it each time, but that way you can ensure that you’ll get everything back to normal just by resetting the console.

    Also, on the 360 version, (not sure about PS3, don’t have one), the code also disables network features. So, to play on Xbox LIVE, you will need to unlock them the traditional way.

  18. just do solo tour lol doesnt take long

  19. Do all the guitars have issues? I have the xbox360 and so far so good. Now im worried its going to break. What symptoms am i looking for? Any info would be greatly appreciated.


  20. yea my guitar and bass pedal broke(xbox 360)

  21. Had same issue with my 360 guitar and went to EA website to resolve. Entered my shipping info no receipts or other confirmation needed. I received a new guitar a couple of days later, put the old one in the box and shipped it back on their dime. It was super easy, with very fast turn a round. EA made if painless.

  22. use the controller, press Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle(2x), Square(2x), Triangle, Circle, Square

    do it a few times thought

  23. tee hee

  24. Frank Mccann im trying controller on ps2 vers. right now i’ll c if it works thanx for the advice everyone on first page and sorry about your guitars and foot pedals(bass drum)…. Once again thanx for all your support!!!!!!!=]

  25. once we get the “unlock all songs” code in and pass the “save disabled” screen, how do we continue to play all unlocked songs? can we use a profile we already have or do we have to build a new band? thanks!

  26. what is the point of cheating stop being so lazy and unlock the songs yourself NOOBS!!!!!!

  27. when did rock band come out in America? because its just come out in england today

  28. red-yellow-blue

    works on the Wii edition

  29. Thx for the code, was ready to look for a while, found it quickly.
    Rock on!

  30. Just got it for PS3. No hub to play all instruments and the code to unlock does not wor on controller or guitar. What next?

  31. when u put in the cheat, will save be disabled forever?

  32. i put the code in nd it said that i did it right. but none of the songs are showing up. were do i go to play them??

  33. worked
    for me

    this is a xbow 360 code

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