Activision’s pipeline revealed

If you didn’t hear the news that broke yesterday. Activision and World of Warcraft behemoth Blizzard have come together to form into a super company called Activision Blizzard. Anyway, the fact sheet released yesterday stated some familiar titles which are in the pipeline of future titles for Activision. As the picture above displays coming in the future are:

Guitar Hero 4, Call of Duty 5, James Bond, new Tony Hawk, new dreamworks titles, new marvel titles, and entry into racing with Bizarre

Nothing here surprised me but I hope to god this new Tony Hawk game is improved over Proving Ground.

[Via Xbox360Fanboy]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

4 Responses

  1. I’d love to see what they will do with the James Bond franchise now that it is completely revitalized (Daniel Craig is the best Bond of all time), Call of Duty 5 will be godly I can imagine, and GH IV sounds good to me.

  2. by GHV we’ll see nothing but MTV pop songs I bet, and somehow they’ll work using a guitar into rap by then. *cough*

  3. I didnt think anything could top COD4! :O

  4. Blizzard is the greatest gaming company of all time… The original Diablo, in my opinion one of the greatest and classic video games of all time…And don’t get me started on Starcraft. WarCraft 3 was nothing short of complete and customizable brilliance. Diablo 2 I lost a great chunk of my life too, and in my opinion the #1 greatest game ever made. World of Warcraft is nothing less then addictive. Now, I do not see one thing that Activision and Blizzard have in common. I mean how can Blizzard help with Tony Hawk? It’s just odd.. All I know is, this might break there not one bad game streak Blizzard has going for them since the beginning.

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