Xbox Live under fire

Our Xbox Live is under fire. From the mainstream press to the “Outraged” parents. Our Xbox Live is under fire. It’s been a rough couple of days for Xbox Live and posted after the jump are some videos which add fuel to the fire. From a Fox News Report to homophobia in Halo 3.

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First up is a news report from Fox News about how teenagers who “Curse” online can lead to the demise of young ears everywhere. Clueless parents are flabbergasted as they wonder “My Kid curse on Xbox Live? No Way”. In one part, young teenagers in the report admit to hearing F Bombs daily on Xbox Live but they’re “used to it”. In this report Fox News acts holier than thou by putting on a smear campaign on Microsoft’s Xbox Live. View the video below if your stomach can handle it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In the second video an experiment goes according to plan as a “Gay Gamer” goes on Halo 3 with a gamertag of “xxxGayBoyxxx” and receives a virtual beating from Xbox Live members. For me I’m not surprised because I’ve heard these words thrown around like nothing in multiplayer matches. The audio in the video below is NSFW.

What is going on? Are Xbox Live members getting more vicious by the minute? Or is this a case of a very vocal minority just giving stand up members a bad reputation?

Honestly for me I’ve grown immune to the foolishness of these trash talking members because I’ve been hearing it since Day 1. Yes, those “Homophobic” members said nasty things but as I’ve come to witness some members just say things to make their friends laugh. It’s still not right but this is mostly the case.

As for Fox News, Video Games are always the scapegoat for the world’s decline in respect. This report would have been more effective if Xbox Live were just beginning and not already FIVE YEARS OLD.

Fox News Report video Via Joystiq

Halo 3 Homophobia video Via Gay

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

13 Responses

  1. wow some parents are so stupid..
    lol at gayboy

  2. Wait, wait. Do you hear it? no? It’s the sound of jack thompson prepping up another lawsuit.

  3. Headset + Animosity + Audience = Asshole

    This formula has been around since the dawn of time and will not stop.

  4. The internet has assholes? REALLY? I NEVER knew that. Shock and awe. Truth is, most people online you wouldn’t want to be around in person for a reason. Another thing – chances are the game your kids playing is rated M, and your kid should NOT be on it! Also, parents, you should care more about what your kid does BEFORE its on the news.

    Also I hear thrills has a secret crush on will :O

  5. Geo Loves Teley. 🙂

    Speaking of Teley, I haven’t seen Teley since that E4 contest. lol

  6. Same… speaking of E4, is it any good?

  7. Also, thrills does not deny having sexual relitions with will! :O *TXD drama*

  8. I wouldn’t know. Dave is the E4 expert. You read his review right?

  9. Been a while.

  10. lets see…. all those kids in the video where under 17. this is a M game people meaning that you must be 17 or older. They swear in the game in the first place. Also, they didn’t even report that you must pay for live. they make it seem like everyone can access it.

    Parents are retarded for blaming xbox live. They bought the game for their child and their paying for the service. They don’t have to if they don’t like the way us mature gamers talk

  11. “Also I hear thrills has a secret crush on will :O”

    What? Don’t make me give you Chinese Space Giraffe torture for that Geo. 🙂 I saw the Halo video a few days ago and decided to not spread the idiocy of those in question, but there is a huge problem that Microsoft has to face. Sadly, is there anything they can do about it?

  12. Kids get exposed to these things in school all the time, not a very big deal. And if parents want to keeps their children from getting exposed to this kind of stuff they should just keep ’em in an anti-social bubble until they’re 20.

  13. If you feel offended by someone saying something, report them. Microsoft will freeze their account for a day on the first offense i believe, then after that you get tougher punishments.

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