Mass Effect impressions

Let me keep this short. Mass Effect is simply stunning. Without bragging I have a pretty sweet HDTV and this game  looks simply awesome on it. I’m not really a fan of RPG’s but Mass Effect does things that makes me forget that I’m playing an RPG. Maybe its the “Gears of War” type cover/run and duck battle system that keeps me off that train to boredom ville.

For once in a game I’m actually enthralled by the storyline and I feel that I’m building an actual relationship with my squad mates. The conversation system is beyond it’s time and not once did I start losing interest in what my characters were saying. Sure the lips of the characters might not match up to the voices most of the time but it’s only a minor gripe.

The graphics are awesome, story is killer, battle system is super cool, conversation system= enthralling. What more can I say? Mass Effect is a super treat for SciFi fans and I say give it a try when you get a chance. I was still setting up my Shepard character when suddenly Don from Gastronaut Studios sent me a message that said “GOTY”.

He might be right.

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

13 Responses

  1. Do want TV. 😦 My TV supports no HD still.

  2. I worked many overtime shifts to get that T.V. Xbox 360 and HD are wonderful together.

  3. I’m holding out right now. I figure eventually I’ll get one.

  4. Have you been playing Mass Effect Geo?

  5. Not yet, hoping to get it for Xmas.

  6. Same here, and I don’t wanna sound redundant because you’ve basically said it all and I agree completely so, anyways…

    I’m not a RPG fan myself but after much debate (it was either COD4, Assasin’s Creed or Mass Effect) I finally picked up ME and man what a journey. Love it. Love the fact that you can actually just do “auto-leveling” and simply keep track of the weapon’s upgrades and stuff. It kinda reminded me of Bioshock in that aspect, which is another GOTY contender from my perspective.

    Q? Are you playing with the filter on or off? I toggled between those settings but finally kept the filter on. That grain gives it a quite pleasing feel reminiscent of the early space opera tv series and/or movies.

  7. I turned it off. It was cool for about five minutes for me. 🙂

  8. Definitely GOTY for me, I’m about to beat the game a second time and I’m loving every second of it.

  9. […] The Xbox Domain no le da un número pero si nos habla de sus impresiones: “Por primera vez en un juego estoy inmerso en su historia y siento que estoy desarrollando una relación verdadera con mis compañeros de equipo. El sistema de conversación está muy adelantado a su tiempo y en ningún momento perdí el interés por lo que decían los personajes. (…) Las gráficas son geniales, la historia es matadora (genial), el sistema de batalla es super cool y el sistema de conversación te hace entrar impresionantemente en el juego. Jugando recibi un mensaje de un compañero que decía GOTY (Game Of The Year=Juego del año). Puede que este en lo correcto.” […]

  10. GOTY

  11. OK GastronautDon, but why has everyone forgotten about Bioshock? WTF! Post on the way about this.

  12. I haven’t forgotten about Bioshock, I just want DLC for it and don’t know where to demand it.

  13. Between COD4 and Mass Effect. For me it is Mass Effect for the simple reason of being the most ahead of its time and not being a sequel. Eveyone already knows Halo and Call of Duty series. While Bioshock is great all and all it’s got to be Mass Effect.

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