Man returns medicated Xbox 360, receives refunded cash

A man went to a Gamestop and returned a supposed Xbox 360 and received $400.00 back. The thing is the system which this man returned was not an actual system. The man returned a skeleton of a Xbox 360 which had a Medical Book placed within it to make it look authentic.The box also included computer VGA cables and an old printer cable.

The Gamestop employee figured that the system which the man was returning was a authentic system and the scammer walked out with $400.00. Can you believe that?

The fooled employee explains: “the guy that was working that morning was by himself, so we cannot under any circumstances leave the dept. So the girls that work at the service desk were told to see if everything is in the box, and approve,” he continues. “Obviously they did not do a very good job.”

[Via CVG]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

5 Responses

  1. Reminds me of that time when my first 360 red ringed, then I towel tricked it and sold it to GameStop as a perfect condition used console for cash……


    I’ve got to stop thinking out loud 😛

  2. Gamestop has been screwing people over for years, I’m always glad to see instances where people pull one over on them.

  3. since when does gamestop/eb ever have a dept. or a sevice desk. i have been working at gamestop for several years and even in a mall its just a store so while this story may be true some of the elemnets make you kinda wonder.

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