Major Nelson unveils Fall Dashboard update release date, new feature

Xbox Live honcho Major Nelson has posted some new information regarding the Fall Dashboard update. The Fall Dashboard update will be released on December 4th worldwide. The kicker is Major posted about one of the new features called “Friends of Friends” which gives you the ability to check out the friends list of your friends.

You can edit the settings of your “Friends of Friends” feature by clicking here(once you sign in). The range of the “Friends of Friends” feature will depend on your age.

Adults – Everyone

Teens (13-17) – Friends Only

Children (under 13) – Blocked

Don’t forget that the Xbox Originals program will launch as well(without achievements).

[Via Major Nelson]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

6 Responses

  1. Awesome, can’t wait.

  2. Might not be so bad.

  3. meh…its no party chat…

  4. I just want one thing: XBLA blade. I feel the Live Arcade is too obscure to make multiplayer XBLA games worthwhile. Fingers crossed…

  5. They definitely seem to think the XBLA blade is important. At least some people high up on that team, anyway. I’m hoping it happens this time… or is at least made more prominent somehow.

    There has been a lot of little things I’ve been hoping for. The marketplace desperately needs some sort of section that lists things added today. Sure, I can go to newly released items, but I have to do it for every section of the marketplace. It’s stupid and clunky. I don’t think Major Nelson’s blog should be the best place to get this info, it should be the 360 itself.

    I’d also really like to be able to scroll through that text on the side on the Marketplace myself. Maybe use the right stick to go up and down through it. It moves way too slowly.

    Anyway, as for this item, it’s a nice thing. Hopefully it’s a sign of many interesting things to come… it’s funny how close the release is at this point.

  6. This seems very weak and very odd to be the face or the drive of the update release, when will they release dash update breakdown, because I would honestly prefer party/group chat and the marketplace so be more user friendly.

    I personally find the PS3 shop very easy to use and alot more appealing… but I never play the PS3.

    Hope we get more than what were reading on that Microsoft PR blog.

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