Tomb Raider Anniversary comes to Xbox Live, in pieces

Who wants some Downloadable Content all chopped and screwed? Eidos today has released Tomb Raider: Anniversary in two parts. Each part is worth about 1200 Microsoft Points making the total amount 2400 Microsoft Points. The only downside is you need Tomb Raider: Legend on your hard drive in order to play Anniversary.

Bummer huh?

[Via Kotaku]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

4 Responses

  1. Just buy it on a disc like I did it was thirty bucks completely worth it

  2. I just wonder what the achievements are like. That’s one of the things were never clear.

    The retail disk is obviously worth 1000GS points but will each of these downloadable packs be worth 500GS points? If they are not, I don’t see what the incentive is to buy them.

    1st of all, you need Legend, then you don’t get all the achievements that are on the retail disk, and then, if you RRoD… you won’t be able to play that content on your new machine… I mean, good luck with that.

    Oddly enough the retail version came out before the downloadable packs… how weird is that??

  3. I’m glad it’s retail too because I’d toss it on Gamefly. Legend was insanely easy and not exactly inventive, but the control was good and Lara’s movements were just far more graceful. I wouldn’t mind seeing that applied to the original game’s layouts.

    But to be more on topic, this purchasing setup is bizarre.

  4. TR Anniversary on disc = 1000 GS
    TR Anniversary download + need Legend disc to play = 250 GS
    ’nuff said 😛

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