Halo 3 gets matchmaking changes

Maybe you heard of this little game called Halo 3 which is the supposed “Greatest Game Evar”. Bungie has updated the matchmaking for this little game which will make it’s 10-15 daily players very happy. What did Bungie update?

Social Doubles has been removed from matchmaking

Rocket Race Hopper has been added to the Social hopper – 8 players, join in parties of up to 8 players.


  • Hammerzeit game variant has been added
  • The frequency of VIP gametypes has been reduced
  • Swords gametypes will now be to 25 kills, rather than 50

Lone Wolves:

  • Player count has been increased to 6 players
  • Swords gametype has been added
  • Oddball games on Snowbound and Epitaph have been reduced considerably

Team Slayer:

  • Guardian has been added to the playlist
  • Valhalla has been added to Team Slayer

Social Skirmish

  • Flag gametypes will now appear more regularly

Rumble Pit

  • Added both Construct and Isolation to several gametypes

How does that sound? You likey?

Matchmaking Playlist Changes are Live [BUNGIE]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

One Response

  1. rocket race is so much fun with a party of friends, i hope they include more custom gametypes like this in matchmaking soon.

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