XBLA Rumor: Geometry Wars Sequel Inbound?


Tomacco, over at the wonderful XBLArcade.com blog, has some tempting rumor news that may get many early adopters’ blood flowing. It seems that through a closely guarded source, Microsoft will be dishing out a special treat to mark the 2 year anniversary (already!?!) of Live Arcade. According to him,

“If everything goes well (it seems everyone has to worry about certification these days), next week we will be playing the “true” sequel to the biggest XBLA title to date.”

Without too much brain racking, people can pretty much peg this to two (possibly three) titles. Geometry Wars RE and Totemball Uno. Considering you can’t really have a sequel to Uno, and Geometry Wars is getting the Wii treatment with Galaxies, it seems logical that XBLA could be getting the same, but prettier, sister game.

Any takers? I’d bite.

[via XBLArcade.com]

David “Whet Wurm” Wetty

2 Responses

  1. Please PLEASE yes.

  2. that would be soo awesom, even a nice co-op mode like whats in galxaxy.

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