VG Chartz: Sales for Xbox 360 titles last week(USA)

I like the VG Chartz website. Sure these numbers might be flawed but these days if someone claims something to be true it has to be right??? Right. I’m also a numbers lover so let’s see what Xbox 360 titles sold last week in the US of A.

1-Guitar Hero 3:Legends of Rock- 798,671 copies

6- Halo 3- 88,586 copies

7-Timeshift- 78,195

9-Naruto:Rise of A Ninja- 71,233 copies

13- The Simpsons Game- 47,685 copies

14- Ace Combat 6- 45,089 copies

16- Virtua Fighter 5- 38,122 copies

20- The Orange Box- 33,211 copies

26- Jericho- 23,507 copies

30- NBA 2K8- 21,451 copies

38- Madden NFL 2008- 14,490 copies

43- Beautiful Katamari- 12,329 copies

45- skate- 12,113 copies

47- Guitar Hero 2- 11,589 copies

As expected, Guitar Hero 3 dominated last week across all next-gen platforms. Halo 3 is still selling a lot, plus the surprise of the week would have to be Timeshift selling over 75,000 copies. Ace Combat 6 has pulled in over 150,000 copies in two short weeks and Guitar Hero 2 has sold over 1.3 million copies on the Xbox 360 alone.

American Chart for Week Ending 03rd November 2007 [vgchartz]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

2 Responses

  1. Timeshift is up there…yet I see no one playing it?

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