Mark Rein:Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3 looks better than Gears of War

You hear that? It’s a system war brewing. Mark Rein(Epic Games VP) told Pro-G at the launch for Gears of War PC that he’s pleased with Unreal Tournament 3’s progress on the Playstation 3. This is what the VP said.

People are going to be pleasantly surprised. It’s a really high end experience that pushes the graphics bar up even higher than Gears of War. There’s more polygons, there’s more stuff going on, there’s more explosions and there’s more things happening, so we’re just really pleased with the way the game runs on the PS3.

Oh really Mr.Rein? Okay, what else do you have to say about the PS3 version of UT3?

The goal in taking the game to PS3 is to make the best PS3 game we can possibly make“, he said. “And to do that we had to take into account that most people are playing with the controller. There are certainly differences in some of the parameters of the PS3 version. Maybe the weapon speed is a little different, the turning speed is different, but we have to accommodate and make it a great game. Our goal is to make UT3 the best possible game it could be on every platform it’s on. I think we’ve done a really good job of making it feel just right on the console and that’s exciting to us.

He also added that it wasn’t difficult to develop on the PS3 like some other developers have been claiming and he’s proud of his product. Gears of War looked great on the 360 and hearing this from Marc will relax PS3 fans. Listen, we all know the PS3 can make games look great and as 360 owners we must live with the fact that some games will look better on the PS3. This is the same case with Burnout Paradise telling from early previews.

Mark Rein: PS3 UT3 graphics better than Gears of War [pro-g]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

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  1. The thing is how much better will they look. I really hope there´s power left on the 360 to make more beautiful looking games.

  2. I think it was the speaker of the gametrailers review for COD 4 in which he said that he was surprised that the 360 could still do graphics like COD 4. I mean come on the 360 is still a powerful machine.. why he is surprised?

  3. He has said that, in general, UT3 looks better than Gears before. This is expected since they have been working on the engine for a year since Gears. Notice that he does not state the UT3 on PS3 looks better than UT3 on 360.

  4. You know something? This guy riles me up. He has to be the biggest fanboy of Sony. He’s in love with that machine. I’m not a dumb or blind person to see that the PS3 has the power to do great graphics but to make comments as he has, is very irritating. It’s like saying the 360’s abilities aren’t good anymore and anyone who’s been around knows that the full potential of the machine hasn’t fully been tapped yet. Cliffy B or Mark Rein could go on about how the 360 used all of the ram for Gears or Blu-ray makes all the difference for the PS3. The truth is good programmers are what makes or breaks a game. Not the hardware. Many of you have seen it in games like Roboblitz for XBLA. How much of a limit was that game given? That game is a shining example of what a good programmer can do with what they have. Not with what the machine can and cannot do. Anybody remember Street Fighter 2 for the SNES and the Genesis? Who had the “better machine”? Technically Nintendo did. More colors, Mode 7 Scrolling and better resolution. People didn’t think Capcom could pull off a good version of the game for the Genesis. And yes, it did have it’s short comings compared. but that game was fun to play on the Genesis. All because of good programmers. Not Hardware! Mark Rein, You have been found guilty of being a Sony Suckboy. Now go Suck it! You little bitch!

  5. Since when did the 360 turn into the Wii? It’s all about programming. Optimization determines how well a game runs on specific hardware.

  6. @SPBTooL — Exactly, this is what I was going to say.

    I mean, seriously, Gears of War came out a year ago at this point. A year ago. I would hope that by now that they’d be improving the engine and learning from their experiences elsewhere. It only makes sense that things would improve.

    There’s not too much to say beyond that, I think. If we knew anything about the 360 version of the game at this point it’d be another story. I think this is largely just revolving around that Epic knows they have far less competition on the PS3, particularly in the FPS genre… who wouldn’t want to put something on there (that is also eventually multiplatform anyway) and make the most of that? I would lol.

    In any case, I think it’s pretty clear the 360 hasn’t reached its limit. CoD4 isn’t a surprise and I’m not sure how someone could even consider that. I’m really pressed to even come up with a PS3 game that I think is significantly better looking than anything on 360. In fact, I can’t think of one at all. They’re still pretty much even.

  7. Also, maybe I’m mistaken, but it always seemed like the lead platform for Burnout Paradise was PS3? That’s the version they seemed to show off the most… I remember even during E3, MS didn’t show a trailer for it during their press conference, despite it coming to the system.

    I know at one point there were claims that CoD4 looked “significantly better” on PS3 too… yet in reviews I’ve read from reputable places (ie, not people on NeoGAF watching videos lol), this hasn’t really been brought up again. I guess you never know how far along one is compared to the other, when it’s being optimized and what versions people are seeing.

    If they wind up looking slightly better on PS3, I sure won’t really care. With all the hype going into the things power, the fact that it’s more expensive and newer… I’d just kind of hope that was the case lol. I mean, imagine if the Xbox was less powerful than the PS2, for example.

  8. […] Epic’s Marc Rein who had some sweet words for Unreal Tournament 3 on the PS3 isn’t going to be pleasing 360 owners anytime soon. Marcy […]

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