Sorry We’re Late: Boom Boom Rocket title update

Please forgive me as I’ve been in a Call of Duty 4 haze these past couple of days. Back on the 6th Bizarre Creations released a brand spanking new title update for Chu Chu Boom Boom Rocket. What did this update bring?

-Guitar and dancemat peripheral support – Japanese and Korean language support
– Tweaked scoring system to make grade awarded more fair (now purely based on accuracy)
– The huge loud “noise” which popped up occasionally on endurance mode is now gone
– Occurrences of scores getting overwritten with a lower score when playing with 2 profiles signed in is now fixed.
– Display updates when viewing the game through a VGA cable.
– Friends leaderboard now shows extra information such as grade, accuracy, etc.
– Multiplayer endurance mode fix for player colours swapping sporadically.
– Slightly bigger and better explosions (updates to firework rendering)

Check out the videos below to see how BBR works with dance mat and guitar.

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

4 Responses

  1. Bah, I was going to post this last night, but I got stuck demoing Word Puzzle and Switchball… thanks for watching my back.

  2. Dont be sorry, this game died within 24 hours of release.

  3. I like the game, but it was a $10 version of Guitar Hero. It needs more content to make it worthwhile. Also, the visualizer needs to be pumped up a bit to make it more interesting.

  4. Well, having bought Scene It, updated BBR and tried playing it with the new controllers I can say that…

    Nope, the Big Button Controller does not work in BBR. 😦


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