Check out MGC’s “GamerPic Scout” App

I wanted to get around to posting about this so here it is. The hard working Jason over at recently unveiled the brand new application titled “Gamerpic Scout”. What does this cool application do? Glad you asked.

With our MGC’s GamerPic Scout, you can find the answer to those questions!
The Scout is named both because of MGC’s active categorization of each GamerPic, but also the community’s assistance in identifying them!
Our members are able to give each picture a set of defining keywords to help the rest of the community search for Pictures they’re looking for.
Want to know what Pictures are of monkeys? Got you covered. Maryland sports fans? Check out our teams. Want to know where your favorite Spartan lives on the Marketplace? Here he is.

Don’t you want to know how many people are using your gamerpic? Big shout out to Jason and whole MGC community.

MGC’s GamerPic Scout []

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

2 Responses

  1. Cool little timewaster.
    That damn GOW gamerpic..:p

  2. […] I’ve been getting questions about a certain gamerpic I have here and there and it wouldn’t hurt to spotlight this again. […]

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