Call of Duty 4: PS3 vs Xbox 360

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Gametrailers has whipped up a nice comparison video comparing the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Call of Duty 4. Can you spot a difference?

Direct link to video [gametrailers]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

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  1. No, Which is why Blu Ray is useless.

  2. not at all!

  3. Yes, there is a difference, you need a side by side comparison (go to gamestop or something) and notice the ps3 version is MUCH better.

  4. i doubt theres much of a difference its all the same thing

  5. the ps3 is a pieace of sh** the xbox 360 is way better and always will be the best

  6. There isn’t too much of a difference here, i own both ps3 and Xbox, i got cod4 for xbox b/c xbl is way better. in other games typically xbox is better. usually the picture is brighter, there are more colors, and the anti-aliasing is much better. i think ppl need to put fanboyism behind for this one, and just admit that until someone unlocks the true potential of ps3, xbox is better.

  7. I own the 360 and PS3 aswell, I buy ALL my games for the 360 but my freind also has cod4 and i played it, its WAY way more smoother less glitchy. I liked it.

  8. 360 is an unreliable piece of shit. keep your fagbox

  9. can the players on xbox live vs ps3 players in call of duty 4?

  10. Clerigo said: “Finall it appears as though a developer is taking the right approach when producing games for next-generation consoles. After almost a year of poor ports and all sorts of discussions about how multi-console games looked worse on the PS3, owners of Sonys latest home console can breathe a sigh of relief. Infinity Ward, the developers behind the highly acclaimed Call of Duty 4: Modern Warefare, admitted in an interview that they had their best coders working on the PS3 version of one of this holiday’s most anticipated games. “We had our best programmers on the PS3 [version of Call of Duty] and it shows,” commented Infinity Ward studio head Vince Zampella. This has also been part of the reason why Sony’s version of the game has a bigger online capacity (24 maximum vs. the 360’s maximum of eighteen) as well as better visuals on the PlayStation platform. “We had two separate teams working on both versions from the start,” Zampella says, adding, “Most developers only focus on a single platform, then quickly port the game over to another one. You don’t get very good results that way”. This bit of information is reassuring, as hopefully more and more developers will start developing equally for both platforms and even feature the PlayStation 3 as the lead platform. Also interesting is that most of the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare TV spots also exclusively promoted the PlayStation 3 version of the game.”

    The developers of Call of Duty 4 said this?????

    it Hurts?

  11. “We had our best programmers on the PS3 [version of Call of Duty] and it shows”
    of course…they had the best programmers that means they used more money to produce the ps3 version than to produce the xbox one.And still with the budget and professional quality difference between the production of both the results show little difference between the two consoles.
    This only states the obvious,if you invest more money on the playstation 3 console than on the xbox 360,of course the result will look better on the console in witch was invested more money on.

  12. y do u ppl care about tiny insignifigant differences
    its a mystery to me

  13. I agree with andrew, but for the people who do care, the xbox 360 is better than the ps3 in basically all games.

  14. i own both consoles as well AND both cod4’s. the differences are really insignificant, however finding online games on the ps3 version is 10x’s more difficult than the 360 one…

  15. does ps3 have gears of war or halo?

    didnt think so

    i rest my case

  16. gears of war and halo 3 suck the ps3 is so much better and has alot more feature than your shitbox.

  17. ya i have to agree with ps3 owners on this one, even though both sides have many problems i personally like the ps3 better, gears of war and halo are really overrated anyways.

  18. Name one great game that ps3 has that xbox360 doesnt have. What you cant think of any. Oh ok

  19. i bought an xbox at launch sold it got a ps3 and guess what ive come back to xbox, because its better “honestly” better for all games so far, until sony prove its better i will buy it “again” im not interested.

  20. LOL, wow, its all so funny, this console war.. this has HD, this has blue ray,. this has a bigger HDD, this has a better processor,, common guys, you are argueing about the toys in which we kill our time with,, I myself have an xbox360,could get a ps3. but io barely find time for my xbox. but still i know ps3 is also just as good, but thats not the point. its not like weve picked a console for life,, they are all cheap, if something has a perk which you like, go out and buy it, rather than find faults in it, and slag it off. and insult other people for prefering another,,, its freedom of choice,, just be lucky that we are in a day and age where such tech is not expensive anymore,, Good luck to you all, and enjoy your gaming !!,, P.S looking forward to the new GTA,, oh ,, that will rustle some feathers upon some far right console freaks !!! lol

  21. wow. all you fags need to wake up. its a game. they are consoles. its pepsi vs coke. its all the same shit. one has has metal gear 4. get them both and shut the fuck up.

  22. Does xbox have Metal Gear Solid….didnt think so
    PS3 rules.

  23. ok u guys need to stop argueing about this stuff
    xbox has stuff and so does ps3
    i personally think the ps3 is bettter cuz its got better features and it has blue ray
    but as far as game selection xbox has the advantage

    just a question
    didnt playstation 2 come out with call of duty first
    b4 xbox

    ps3 needs to keep there games to them self and not let xbox get them

  24. since xbox is almost half the price and all of the side by side comparisons that ive looked at the 360 always looks a tad better. for all of the money that you save the xbox is alot better. the ps3 doesnt have any selection of games whatsoever and if i want to play overpriced blu ray movies than i would buy as chaper blu ray player not a pos ps3

  25. hey michael btw sorry to burst your bubble but konami is already thinking of developing mgs for the 360 too cuz the ps3 sucks

  26. first off, for those who are saying things like “its just a game, who cares” for most its not about the game its mostly just another ps3 vs 360 arguement. i knew that this arguement is a very heated one (at least in the gaming community) but i am still always dissapointed, and sometimes angry, at how many things that ignorant people will say. i read one person had said that Halo 3 and Gears of War are very overated, and yes to some extent they are over praised games, more so halo 3 than Gears, but statistically they are two of the most highly sold games on the 360, and some of the most popular. if you want to say that your opinion is that this game sucks or that game is lousy thats fine but its still Your Opinion. do not try to say that it is a fact that this game sucks, thats just you and if you dont like the game, are’nt good enough at it, or don’t have the correct console to play a certain game then just suck it up and live with it, do not be so ignorant as to say a game sucks when you may not have even played it! maybe you just hate it because so many other people love it and think it is over hyped. the Ps3 is not doing so great right now and the 360 is pretty much Booming in their games. but in a year or so they might be equal in popularity, of course the Ps3 might Still be in a disadvantage to the 360, many of the Ps3 exclusive titles are moving to the 360 or becoming multiplatform games and that pattern may continue if the Ps3 does’nt shape up. so the CoD4 for the Ps3 might have better graphics or sound or whatever, and the 360 has a better online experience. but don’t make judgements right now wait a few months and then check back in to see who is in the lead. my god i typed a lot, sorry bout that. and i won’t even say whether i prefer Ps3 or 360, most of you will probably make your own assumptions anyway though so i hope anything i said may have helped anyone and if i pissed anyone off then keep your opinions about me to yourself, thanks.

  27. XBOX 360 IS BETTER, better graphics. it makes sony lovers mad. FUCK SONY.

  28. who said it had better graphics
    and can xbox send an update for ur system
    i dont think so

    ps3 will take some time but in about a year or two
    ps3 will be better then the xbox
    im gonna laugh when all you xbox lovers get that virus in ur system which just kills it

  29. You can download updates for Xbox 360… in fact, they are required. If that’s what you mean by “send an update for ur system,” since your English bears little to no resemblance to the English I know.

    13 year olds need to stop posting. Look at the freakin’ video. Can you spot a difference? No. Is there any real difference between the two consoles? No. You should play games instead of trying to start flame wars on the internet. I have a PS3 and an Xbox 360 and am having a blast.

  30. I own both a xbox 360 and a PS3 so may be ina good position to offer a experienced opinion.

    I got my Xbox360 last Christmas (2006) and got my PS3 May 2007.
    Up until November I mainly played on my Xbox360 (mainly gears of war) and used my PS3 for blu ray. However since November or so I have been playing mainly on my PS3 to such an extent that I haven’t bothered renewing my live membership.

    You may ask why. So here are the reasons.

    Xbox360 was a great experience in terms of gaming and one game in particular, Gears of war. I played this game for months, despite having Graw2, Rainbow 6 etc etc I was stuck on GOW. Gears of war is truely an jaw dropping game but most other stuff on the xbox360 was “same old same old” including Halo…which was probably the last game I purchased for my xbox360.

    I got several games for my PS3 fight night, warhawk, need for speed, cod4 etc etc. I have to tell you wether you like it or not the PS3 is better graphically than the xbox360 and I have a 1080P lcd too see the difference.

    PS3 doesnt have the same online ease of use in terms of speaking to friends etc etc easily whilst playing a game BUT it’s online facility works and is easy to use.
    For example Cod 4you can play it online easily without gliches or lag and find games easily too you can use any bluetooth headset with the PS3 for team talk which works perfectly. Above all online play is absolutely free on the PS3…no annual charge!

    Why did I give up on the Xbox…well I loved Gears of war…but hated the disc read errors on the xbox whilst I was in the middle of an on line game. This didnt just happen on my xbox360 but my cousins and brother in laws, with perfect brand new discs!

    So for the people saying PS3 doesnt have any games…that is totally false it has plenty and plenty more coming out.

    For folks saying Xbox360 is better than a PS3 online…this is also false. PS3 is perfect for online game play and is free. However you dont have the same in depth friend chat functionality.

    For folks saying Sony are Rubbish and Microsoft are great or vice versa…well thats your opinion.

    Conclusion:- PS3 is more reliable (important), has many game titles and has free online play. Also in my honest opinion has slighly better graphics which will probably be alot better once the developers get used to the cell chip.

    Hope this honest opinion helps people. If you truely want to know, do what I did and buy both and compare for yourselves.

  31. I have both the xbox360 and the ps3

    I think the PS3 is better, and I’ll tell you why. I used to love the xbox360 and when I bought my PS3 last May I didnt even play a game on it until last November gone. However since November I haven’t really touched my xbox360 too such an extent I havent even bothered renewing my live mebership!
    I loved Gears of war but hated the “disc read errors” which would ruin the game mid game, not only on my concole but on my cousins and rother in-laws console too! Halo is well over hyped played it, clocked it, played it online for two weeks never touched it again.
    People who say that PS3 doesnt have games or is poor online…really havent got a clue. PS3 has Cod4, Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted, Pro Evo, Warhawk, Assasins creed etc etc. Warhawk is £20 as I can tellyou it is a much better game than Halo for half the price! I don’t have any online problems with the PS3 and its free…no annual charge.
    Yes the xbox360 was great, yes it was the best and had the best games. However times change and things dont last forever in my humble opinion graphics are better on the PS3 and will only get better too beause it is currently in its infancy.

    If you really don’t believe me then buy both consoles as I have and see for yourselves. I doubt you will say I’m wrong.

    By the way I got UT3 on my PS3 this week, which isn’t out on the xbox360 yet. It’s an awsome game!

  32. I’m a very big 360 fan boy and always will be yet… I don’t care too much about the arguments posted.. Yess ps3 has way more potential then the xbox, yet the xbox has it figured out already so give it time and the ps3 will be there.. And sorry 360 fanboys but the ps3 is able to play gears of war and halo 2 …. figure it out.. After researching this I’m starting to open my eyes and see that both systems are great get both or get out their both great.. I don’t know how this forum got to this point.. Personally I like cod on the 360.. Its more confortable controller wise… 360 =shooters / ps3 = sports / wii = tired arms due to excessive gameplay

  33. For all of u that believe the 360 is better… it is in some of its games but you can not deny the awsome power and graphics the PS3 has I own both systems and I bought the cod4 for the 360 and luved it for the achievments and online play but i will tell you this the person who did the video up there on this page switched the names on the video and makes it look like the ps3 is blurry in some instances… lies and shame on u for misleading the public with that gay video. I like xbox and i like the ps3 but the truth is this year u will witness the END of DAYS for the 360 when over 100 of the hottest titles will hit the market for the PS3. in order for any one to witness true quality out of the ps3 u habe to have hdtv in either the 1080i or 1080p and then come talk to me about which console is better…. oh and i can actually here my games when playing the ps3 even after i turn off the surround sound


  35. im an xbox man..i always fight for the white box whenever discussions such as this comes up..but i recently purchased a ps3 from a came with cod4…i also have it for the 360..and i have an hdtv..and to be looks better on the ps3..but i am saying that if u use an hdmi wire..otherwise im not sure …they may be the same..with a hdmi hookup..the graphics were more crisp and and audio was better..again like i an xbox guy..but something funny friend had the settings on wireless..and i didnt realize i was playing online with out a ethernet cable plugged in…in other words..u cant do that on the 360 without purchasing an added feature..lets be honest xbox guys..all in all the ps3 is a better system..when the power of that system is unleashed we will all agree..where as of the 360 has just about reached its potential..


    Thats what happens when you outsource your main component..that is the a korean company..Samsung.
    I think half my friends who bought the 360 have sent it back to microsoft to get replacements..the other have sold it on crigslist.

    1. No Blueray. With games getting larger, its only time ps3 gets better games on its blue rays. After all there is a limit to how much on can compress thier files. Unless Microsoft starts packing 2 discs like its PC games.ha ha ha ha ha.
    2. Online gameplay is free on the PS3. Sony doesnt charge you to play online. Microsoft charges you around $40 a year. Thats $200 in 5 years.
    3. Controllers are wireless and bluetooth compatible. Hnece better connection right out the box. Unlike the 360 which has aaa size batteries and wireless is premium.
    4. One can install linux on the ps3 and use it like a computer + gaming system. The 360 ..i dont think so.
    5. Ps3 has a slot loading drive. The 360 has a woobly thing which looks like it;ll break anyday.
    6. PS3 has divx support upto 2gb files..plu it has PSP remote..where on can access movies, music on the ps3 from over the internet through the psp.
    7. There is Bluetooth keyboard and mouse support for the ps3. Not on the the 360.

    One can tweak the ps3 according to ones will..and not be the bitch of a giant corporation like microsoft who will bleed you dry for years to come. The colors on the interface are orange , red and pink and has advertisements. On the PS3 its just clean fun.

  37. I cannot believe how retarded half of you are and how many of you got your facts wrong.

    Since when did RROD happen because of a drive? …no, it happens because the solder breaks on the GPU. Since the new falcon motherboard, and 65nm process revision in the processor, there have been no reports of RROD from 360s made by Team FDOU.

    And to reply to the poster “rrd” above me:

    1. There are 3 games on the PS3 that use over 9GB of space.
    2. Yes, however matchmaking is faster and more simple.
    3. Yours might be bluetooth(which loves battery btw) but ours are cheaper, and use AA batteries, not Lithiums which we can’t replace without sending it to Sony.
    4. You can install Linux, but we can flash our firmwares to play pirated games for free. PS3? No.
    5. Funny you should mention it, as the 360 drives resemble standard PC drives while PS3 drives resemble old Mac drives(which destroyed your discs)
    6. 360 has unlimited size DivX support, owned. As well as h264, wmv9, and mpeg. You can torrent HD movies off of thepiratebay and burn them on standard 3-cents-a-piece DVDs and play on 360. No BluRay needed.
    7. RF keyboads work, and use less battery power, anyway.

    And obviously, the 360 has out a year longer than PS3. And it will ALWAYS be a year ahead, as PS3 dev increases, so will 360 dev. It wont catch up. Also, we can rent HD movies for 3$ off of the market place, and download cartoons, if you’re into legal movies.

  38. Ok, Neolink instead of twisting what others have said I think you should get to the facts here.

    1. I never said RROD happens because of the drive, what I was trying to say is that the 360 is like a generic desktop. It has parts from all over the place, some of them of which apparently dont go together.
    2. The point is not that the RROD doesnt happen anymore..the point is that is happened. That proves the build quality of the product.
    3. I will believe when you say that there are only 3 games that use over 9gb space, but that is not the point. I was trying to talk about the future. The 360 will get owned.
    4. Yes, at the moment the graphics output is pretty similar..but a year down the line…you will be lining up to buy a ps3.
    5. Are you seriously telling me that AA batteries are cheaper….My friend owns a 360 and he has already spent $20 on just batteries in 3 months. Thats half the price of a controller, Then I hate the huge battery bulge on the 360 controller, but thats my own opinion.
    6. Are you seriously telling me that the 360 drive is better than the slot loading drive? I have no scratches on my discs, not even finger marks because of it. It does not make any sound, unlike the roaring 360 drive and I can eject my bdd with my remote.
    7. When you talk about flashing your firmware..let me tell you there are many ways to mod one system. Especially to play pirated games..but can the 360 run a Operating system..NO. I have been using my ps3 as a desktop on my plasma. I can browse the net, watch movies and play games using my keyboard mouse. The 360 cant do that.

  39. 1. The Nvidia RSX processor in the PS3 is a lot more powerful that the ATI core used on the 360. Its not an exact comparison but event he basic RSX’s are a lot better than the ATI core used on the 360.

    2. The PS3 does a combine 51 billion dot productions per sec compared to the 360’s 33

    3. The PlayStation 3 has 6 USB 2.0 ports, a memory stick slot, an SD slot, and even supports compact flash. Not to forget the removable 2.5” hdd. The Xbox 360, in comparison, doesn’t have as much in the way of media support. It has two memory card slots and a handful of USB ports.

    4. Sony’s PlayStation 3 provides numerous A/V output hookups. The upcoming console comes with not one but two HDMI outputs, and PlayStation 3 will be able to utilize both at the same time to output two 1080p video streams at the same time allowing for dual-screen HDTV gaming. The 360…A BIG NO.

    5. Sony’s Playstation 3 comes with a built-it Ethernet adapter, and also includes an 802.11 b/g wireless adapter. The Xbox 360 comes with a built-in Ethernet adapter, but the 802.11 a/b/g wireless adapter will cost extra. HENCE PAY MORE MONEY.

    6. Do I even need to mention the intricate differences between Bluetooth on the PS3 and the ancient 2.4ghz used on the 360 for wireless support.

    7. The PS3 support upto 7 Bluetooth controllers, while the 360 only 4.

    8. The PS3 has a 25.6 GB/s main memory bandwidth while the 360 has only 22.4 GB/s main memory bandwidth.


  40. maybe microsoft will come out with a cordless phone support for the 360. ha ha ha..2.4ghz.

    Even then they’ll charge people to go on cordless live. ha ha ha

  41. rrd, you are so cute. Perhaps one day you will actually get an informed opinion and know what you’re talking about instead of relying on others for facts. You may have copy pasted the technological aspects. but aren’t you forgetting about the business aspects or the worksmanship aspects?

    In reply to bulleted numbers in your first post:

    1. Which parts don’t go together, exactly?
    2. Build quality != hardware design. The first gen 360s were not designed as efficiently as they should’ve been, cause RROD. The parts themselves were fine… the schematics weren’t. Though I will give you this one, as you’ll argue with something like “same diffrence lulululul”
    3. Hahahaha. Aren’t you forgetting something? the 360 already has 17-18 million units out, and still selling parallel to the PS3. It will be a long time before the PS3 outsells the 360, and by then 360 will have ~50 million units out. Developers will still make the games fit into 9GB, whether you like it or not, as losing 50% of sales just because you’re a gigabyte over limit is something no business-smart company will do.
    4. See above. Companies will still make graphics same/almost same because they save money on multi-console ports that way.
    5. A play and charge kit is 10$ if you’re so desperate. Which you can play with WHILE charging, unlike the PS3, with its ridiculously short cord.
    6. This is in the eye of the beholder. Who cares how discs are loaded? I don’t. The 360 drive does not “roar” either.
    7. Wow thanks for dodging my point, but you can’t mod the PS3. You can have Linux with emulators, but not commercial games like CoD4 or Halo.

  42. Reply to second post:

    1. Now this is back to the worksmanship part. In theory the RSX should perform better than the ATi chip, but because the 360 has more pixel pipelines, in practice the 360 can output greater quality even at higher resolutions without significant performance loss, whereas the RSX has to work harder at higher resolutions.
    2. Do you even know what that means? Are we comparing who can fold proteins faster? If so, the PS3 wins, but in games that statistic is completely useless as the bottleneck in both systems will be the GPU long before the CPU reaches it limit.
    3. Okay, you got me there. Guess you can play music in game off of SD cards with the PS3 now… oh wait, you can’t, silly me. Also the 360 harddrive is also replaceable if you know what you’re doing.
    4. Ok, if you can afford 2 HD 1080p displays in the same room at the same time, by all means go ahead. 1 HDMI port is enough for me.
    5. An long ethernet cable is 10$. Wireless is also more prone to interruptions and slower speed than ethernet. Also, the wireless A adapter the 360 has is better than the G adapter Sony uses.
    6. Nah, I’ll do it for you.

    2.4Ghz: common, cheap wireless frequency used by wireless routers and common electronics, without using much power.

    Bluetooth: High bandwidth completely redundant for simple 1/0’s sent when a button is pressed, with a tendency to use a lot of battery.
    7. Yes, however no games use it(and only a smal lahndful of titles will), and bluetooth remotes count as a spot.
    8. Too bad blu-ray reading times in the PS3 make that statistic worthless.

    Get owned? You’re avoiding all of my points.

  43. It doesn’t want to accept my entire comment, so I put it here for your “reading pleasure”

  44. neolink..please dont call me cute again.
    And I did not paste anything its you who is pasting links.

    Im just replying to your comments WHICH BY THE WAY ARE ALL RHETORICAL AND NOT FACTUAL.

    1. You explain the first argument you make by typing in the second argument. It hilarious..ha ha ha ha.
    2. The 360 has more units out because it came out more than a year ago. Look at the sales figures after the ps3 came out. The ps3 outseold the 360 in every single month. Hell even the ps2 outsold the 360. Owned.
    3. Developers are already making different games for different consoles. For example COD4 had two different production teams for the 360 and the ps3. If you own both consoles and a hdtv like me ( and stop talking thru your ass ) you will realize the subtle differences in gameplay and graphics. Yes I agree that at the moment there are no differences but it is stupid to think that developers will not utilize the full potential of a console.

    4. Yes you can mod a PS3. People are already doing it. Maybe you should do some research before making statements.

    Please check this video.
    Its a Modded PS3..

    ha ha ha OWNED. Neo ..start doing some research before you write something online and waste everyones precious time. We can do so much shit with the ps3, its not even funny. Sony has provided us with an almost open piece of hardware.

  45. Ok this is an effort to reply to you link post.

    1. Having more pixel pipelines has nothing to do with better graphics. Like I said…its not a fair comparison comparing the ATI to the RSX. Only people who have used the chips know the subtle differences. Until now, everyones been saying that the RSX is a better performer.
    2. Yes we can play music thru a sd card. I can do it right now. We can play music thru almost anything..even a bluetooth connection.
    3. 2 hd displays need not be 2 huge plasma’s. It can be for browsing..hell you an connect a 20 inch lcd screen to it and browse the net on a ps3 while you watch tv. This demonstrates how microsoft is making you think. For you the 360 is only a gaming unit. For us the ps3 is a fully functional computer.
    4. Dude, ( hoping you are a guy, or else forgive me) I use a wireless connection. Time warner turbo @ 15mbps. Wireless gives me around 4-5 mbps which is more that enough to play any game. I dont have to drag a ethernet cord all the way thru my living room jsut so that I can hook up to xbox live and pay another $40 to microsoft.
    5. Are you seriously telling me that the Bluetooth wireless controllers are not better than the 2.4ghz 360 ones. You cant even turn the 360 on with the 2.4 ghz controllers. the ps3 controllers have larger range and much better connectivity. Also On a single charge I get atleast 5 hours of gameplay. So the other charger charges when I use one.

    6. I dont know what you are talking about. My ps3 reads blueraydisks as fast as my friends 360 reads any dvd.

  46. […] your purchase choice is going to become that much more important for some. Case in point is an old post we put up a good while ago being host to readers having a bit of a age old debate of whether the […]

  47. I have no idea if you skipped one of my arguments or misread something, as your first point makes no sense. Do you even know what rhetorical means? No, so don’t use it. My facts are easily backed up with google searches, unlike yours…

    2. However, the 360 will ALWAYS be out a year longer than PS3. It will continue to keep the trend of outselling for a long time, if not for the entire “war”.
    3. Wow, your childish retort really hurt my feelings. I hope your parents wash your mouth with soap, and put you in your time-out bin. Seriously though, think about it. The PS3 version had the best IW team working on it. And there is virtually NO difference. What does this tell us about PS3 programming?
    4. Considering its not in stores, and its a hardware mod, its not really applicable as I am talking about something ANYONE can do, as the 360 is a just a firmware flash.

    Almost open piece of hardware? Sony has laced it with more DRM than M$ did with 360.

  48. Reply deux:

    1. Not a fair comparison? Didn’t you say a while ago RSX was better? And pixel pipelines DO affect performance, a lot, shaders rely on them as well fill rates. This goes back to my post about resolution.
    2. Not while playing games. Hell, my Nintendo DS can play music off of SD cards.
    3. Unfortunately, you have a problem when the “side feature” takes over the “main feature”(playing games). The PS3’s current library reflects this. Also, the 360 can be used a video rental service like Apple TV, so its not just for gaming. But it is a gaming machine, and it does its task better as one moreso than the PS3.
    4. The problem is not necessarily speed, but latency. Wireless tends to have interference, no matter how good your wired connection is, causing latency, causing higher ping.
    5. Yes, I am seriously telling you this. And you can turn the 360 on with the wireless controller. Hold down the big button in the middle, duh. Larger range? Bluetooth has SIGNIFICANTLY shorter range than RF. Better connectivity? It connects to the PS3 to act as a controller. You can buy a Bluetooth dongle to connect it to your PC, but you can also buy a wireless RF receiver for even cheaper. Guess what? On fresh batteries, the 360 gets 50+ hours. See:
    6. Blu-Ray 1x read speed: 4.5mb/s. Sony has a 2x bluray drive, for a total of 9mb/s. DVDs, on the other hand, read 22mb/s at 16x speed(360 drive speed).

    You need to stop blatantly avoiding facts, using large words you don’t know, and making up statistics. You can find everything I’ve said on Google, from gaming websites and reference sites.

  49. Reply deux:

    1. Not a fair comparison? Didn’t you say a while ago RSX was better? And pixel pipelines DO affect performance, a lot, shaders rely on them as well fill rates. This goes back to my post about resolution.
    2. Not while playing games. Hell, my Nintendo DS can play music off of SD cards.
    3. Unfortunately, you have a problem when the “side feature” takes over the “main feature”(playing games). The PS3’s current library reflects this. Also, the 360 can be used a video rental service like Apple TV, so its not just for gaming. But it is a gaming machine, and it does its task better as one moreso than the PS3.
    4. The problem is not necessarily speed, but latency. Wireless tends to have interference, no matter how good your wired connection is, causing latency, causing higher ping.
    5. Yes, I am seriously telling you this. And you can turn the 360 on with the wireless controller. Hold down the big button in the middle, duh. Larger range? Bluetooth has SIGNIFICANTLY shorter range than RF. Better connectivity? It connects to the PS3 to act as a controller. You can buy a Bluetooth dongle to connect it to your PC, but you can also buy a wireless RF receiver for even cheaper. Guess what? On fresh batteries, the 360 gets 50+ hours. See:
    6. Blu-Ray 1x read speed: 4.5mb/s. Sony has a 2x bluray drive, for a total of 9mb/s. DVDs, on the other hand, read 22mb/s at 16x speed(360 drive speed).


    Won’t take part 2 of my reply again.

  51. Neolink: It’s been pulled back from the ether. 🙂

  52. Ain’t going to play the X-box 360 vs. PS3 debate.

    Will ask .. can the two systems play COD4 against each other in a internal/home lan?

    Have home lan and will be tying both to it, wondering if I should buy COD4 for 360 so son and I can play head to head.

  53. Mike: The two versions of the game aren’t compatible. To lan the game you would have to have two of the same system and two copies of the game. Sorry to bear the bad news.

  54. Was afraid of that ..

    Thanks for the confirmation .. will have to buy COD4 for the other box anyway since son and his friends want to go against each other.

    Take it easy and enjoy the spring weather.

  55. Not like the opinions on an XBOX Site arn’t totally biased or anything,,,

  56. xbox my be cheaper then ps3 in the original price
    but xbox gets there money back on live which u pay for and thats free on ps3
    and u have to buy stupid gamerpoints wat the hell is that

    and the xbox controllers suk they just die on u on ps3 u can just charge it from the ps3 instead of using batteries which die fast

  57. dude 360 is way better it has all the games better graphics and dosent suck balls

    ps3 has homo blue ray who the fuck has a blue ray tv 360 has more hard drive better controllers and fucken way better performence hey ps3 show us halo or gears of war oh wait u just got some shit called HAZE lick my balls ps3

  58. show us GTA 4 oh wait have fun getting it in 6 months fagot

  59. the worst thing is ps3 know how shit they are but they still deny the fact we rock the shit go race in your little grand turismo wtf is that bullshit

  60. why u sayin stuff about haze u dont even kno how good its gonna be

    it cant be any worse then peice of crap halo3

  61. wat the fuck …how are the xbox controllers better
    they just die in the middle of online
    ik cuz ived played xbox many times
    but im srry ps3 controllers are better
    it doesnt have peice of crap batteries

  62. Tyler, you are hilarious.

    360 controller give you a warning before they die, and can be used for about 2 more hours with the warning. By then you can take 10 seconds to swap batteries during intermission, and go back to playing. Your batteries die with the PS3, tough luck, you have to stop playing and attach them to the PS3 to charge.

    Are you 10? You talk like you are. Swearing every other word makes you look like an uneducated dumbass who failed 6th grade english. I’m not even a native english speaker, and I type better than you by orders of magnitude.

    And “buy” gamerpoints? What the hell are you on? You earn them, free, by playing games, and getting achievements.

  63. wtf tyler you suck i love my 360 fuck PS3 its a shit……………………………………………………………?

  64. fuck ur PS3 its fucked up and its big and o fuck it. it sucks ass ……………………………………………?

  65. Fuck Sony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Know whats better ? playing football 😀

  67. can you get live on both of them??

  68. Josh: Live is only available on the Xbox or the Xbox 360. There is Games for Windows, but Call of Duty 4 isn’t a GFW branded game. The PS3 version of the game will only play on the PSN and Xbox Live on the 360 respectively. Hope that helps.

  69. Actually, Xbox has MGS2 and 3, and it will most likely get 4.

    Look at how many other console “exclusives” have gone to other systems.

  70. Hmm, well microsoft paid $50million for exclusive DLC on GTA4, and there is no sign of it 3 months after release !! Money well spent, rofl.

    Anyhoo, Anyone who thinks the xbox is better than a ps3…….. doesnt have a ps3. Its that simple.

    Id rather have a console that lives for more than a year thanks, Release model PS3 still going strong, whereas a mate is now on his 4th xbox due to RROD. Need i say more ??

  71. Dude. Ps3 is better. Just because you have halo.

    People who critise PS3 with no real reason are povo and can’t afford one.

    I read up on both of them and Ps3 has way better specs than xbox. I also want Kingdom hearts 3 on ps3 <<

    Yes I like Halo but xbox is owned by Microsoft. Microsoft runs computers. Halo 1 and 2 game out on pc. Why buy a xbox 360 to play it when there is a good chance Halo 3 will come out on pc?

    At the moment PS3 is in the shit. But it will be better in time. When its price goes down and starts developing good games then it will out do the xbox.

    PS3 IMO <–



  72. all in all they both have thier ups and downs and it just comes down to what type of gamer you are. for example if your gay go with the ps3. fuck sony and all of its games except god of war and killzone 2.

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