Xbox Domain Interview- Red Octane’s Ted Lange

Gamers lined up and waited to get their hands on one game this week…… Guitar Hero 3. Released for multi-platforms we of course spoke to Ted about the Xbox 360 version because if you didn’t notice this is The Xbox Domain. Roll it.

1-First off, Please Introduce Yourself.

Ted Lange, Associate Producer and resident Guitar Player.

2- Guitar Hero 2 is still selling tons of copies on the Xbox 360 Platform. Why do you think Guitar Hero is popular?

Who doesn’t want to be a rock star? We give you that feeling without the years of practices, fights with the lead singer and thousands of dollars in equipment.

3-Any chance of the “Rocks the 80’s” expansion coming to Xbox 360?

Rocks the 80s was partially made to give PS2 faithful some new content as we were giving 360 users downloadable content. We like to try as much as possible to keep our fans happy.

4-What are some of the new features that are in Guitar Hero 3’s career mode that weren’t in part 2?

Well the biggest is Boss Battles. As you progress through Career mode you will meet up with some real world guitarists such as Tom Morello and Slash and they will challenge you to a shred off. It’s pretty killer and a whole lot of fun to play.

5-How will Boss Battles work in the game?

You acquire attacks similar to how you acquire star power. Different attacks do different things such as make the other player switch to “lefty flip” or get a bump up in difficulty. Once you get these attacks you can launch them at your competition such as Slash and watch them struggle to keep up with you. Launch enough attacks to mess them up while you shred like the rock god you are and you will be victorious

6-How are the venues in GH3?

One word Awesome, one more word Peanut Butter… wait that’s two words. The venues this time around are amazing. There is so much detail that you really need to get your friend to play just so you can see all the cool stuff we have going on in each of them.

7-What are the multiplayer features of Guitar Hero 3?

We got a bunch. We have Co-op Career which lets you play through a whole nother career mode with you buddy or if you have four arms you can play by yourself. We have Face-Off and Pro Face-Off as you have come to know and love in previous titles and we have Battle Mode which plays just like the boss battles, but instead of launching attacks at Slash you get to launch them at your buddies. One more huge thing about GH3 is that Co-op, Face-Off, Pro Face-Off and Battle Mode are all playable online over Xbox Live which is a really fun experience.
8-Will Guitar Hero 2 still receive DLC support even after Guitar Hero 3’s release?

We are still supporting GH2, but we know that GH3 is the future and we will definitely be looking towards the future with our DLC content.

9-“Stairway to Heaven”…….. please?

I will start laying bricks for you man one day if we all work really hard we can build a stairway to heaven together. The song would be nice to have too, but Zeppelin is a very hard egg to crack, but it will be cracked one day oh yes it will be cracked.

10– Finally, tell us why Guitar Hero 3 is so awesome?

I will answer this in multiple question form. A) GH3 is the third game in an already very impressive franchise. B) Neversoft knows how to make great video games and that is exactly what GH3 is: a great video game filled with endless entertainment. C) You want to be awesome and having this game brings you to the level of complete awesomeness. D) All of the Above.

I think we all know the answer to this one.

Thanks a lot to Red Octane’s Jordan Dodge and Ted Lange for the interview. Guitar Hero 3 is in stores right now!

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

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  2. Incase he reads this – the 360 download content can lick my testies, I’d rather pay full retail for Rock the 80s and get songs I like. Angry fan here.

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