The DLC Catch 22

When this generation was just a twinkle in all gamers eye’s, the nice little phrase “micro payments” were being thrown around like it was going to be the next best thing since sliced bread. Clichés and all, our good friend “velocity girl”was going to be on the cutting edge with her t-shirt sales on Xbox Live. Dreams of selling user created goods on Xbox Live sounded so great. The way to look at it now is from the cloak of deception view that it really is.

Obviously, the entire reason a publisher would begin to think of offering “Downloadable Content” is to extend the life of their game. Things like new maps and modes are all fantastic for such a thing. So, what can go wrong with this notion? Price, price, and price. Oblivion Horse armor was the first nail in the back of gamers, as it was unreasonably priced from the get go. Later on the price was reduced, but the sting was all but dealt already. Jump ahead thousand of pieces of content later, cry as we might about DLC pricing, we all continue to convey the message that we still want the content. Publishers are listening. For some reason the numbers don’t add up.

Not to let gamers off the hook. Most of this is our own damn fault. Most recently is Forza 2. On message board, after message board, gamers continue to complain about pricing of certain content, all the while things like gamerpics and themes are continually bought. Sure, there is nothing wrong with buying a gamerpic pack or a theme for your dashboard, but don’t go crying foul about overpriced content when you continue to buy it anyway. Naturally, this can always be brought back to that infamous Oblivion Horse Armor, but sadly it was complained about and complained about only to be bought anyway.

How can we as a gaming community be so hypocritical about our stance on a issue like this ? We complain about pricing not being to our liking then go behind our own backs only to stab ourselves in confusion. Moaning and groaning about being nickeled and dimed is one thing, but dishing out those nickel and dimes to publishers anyway after complaining about it is just moronic. How can publishers give us what we want when all of us (All Xbox Live and PSN members no matter what) continue to be hypocritical every single time? If we all truly feel that we are being had, then don’t buy the offending content.

When EA puts out more cheat downloads, don’t buy it. When Guitar Hero (2 or 3) gets new content you don’t feel is worthy of it cost, don’t buy it. New maps or modes come for Halo 3 that aren’t quite enough or are just plain to costly. don’t buy it. How can we blame publishers for there pricing schemes when it works? This gaming thing we love some much is a business. Don’t let the Publishers forget that when you don’t buy their over priced “Downloadable Content”.

Theres ton’s more to say on this surely, but thats it for now. Flame me if you want. If you complained then bought it anyway, this goes out to you. Have a nice DLC day.

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

6 Responses

  1. Nice Post Will. Very True.

  2. Thanks. I have a War and Peace like back catalog ready to go. If only it would write itself.

  3. I usually only buy DLC for my favorite FPS games and such, but what really gets me is that the people who complain about the prices are the ones who buy them. When I buy content I know what I’m going to get and usually let me friends buy it first so they can tell me what it’s like.

    I know this is a big problem but why aren’t more people complaining about the prices of XBLA games? I personally don’t believe $10 is decent price for a game that I’m only going to play for an hour and never touch again, but no one is complaining about those games.

    I would love to buy lumines live because I’ve played the demo about a billion times, but the simple fact that it costs $15 plus the extras is more than I’m willing to shell out for it. I think more people should follow suit with Crackdown. Their content came a bit late seeing as how other big hit games came out with its release but it was some quality content that people throughly enjoyed and I would like to see more publishers follow suit in releasing quality DLC instead of crap to make some more money.

    I agree that gamers only have themselves to blame for their woes and I’m glad that I’m not to into those guitar hero games so I don’t have to deal with it but you can be damn sure that when those new maps come out for Halo I’m going to be all over them.

  4. i usually end up buying the content as most of my mates have it, and on the fps games if they r hostin n u aint got the content… ur screwed.
    im hopin the nxt update for graw isnt too steep … 400 points will be max i pay weather my mates have got it or not considerin the b%$ts charged us for the 1st one then made it free a few months later.

  5. Timed free content is another issue as well. I got burned along with many others with the GRAW 2 and Rainbow Six: Vegas packs. If it was known when it was first offered that they were to be free eventually I wouldn’t feel so bad, Ubisoft. Making it free is fine, but tell us from day one.

  6. I think a big factor in this is that we’re very much a vocal minority. There are thousands of 360 owners out there who never go poking around forums and blog sites like this, or have a 360 rss feed list as long as their arm. I imagine it’s a lot easier to part with points when you’re not caught up in pricing outrage. GHII content being the best example i can think of.

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