Awww you’re a cute little Companion Cube

The Orange Box’s Portal has spawned a craze which has people looking for companions as cubes. Don’t us as humans have any real human friends so we don’t have to depend on cubes with little hearts on them for friendship? Sheesh.

Oh, what am I saying. Look at the little cube with those little cutey hearts on them. Who’s a good cube? You’re a good cube! Yes you are!.

[Via Kotaku]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

4 Responses

  1. My favorite 1up staffer Karen Chu likes companion cubes as well. Since I have her on my friends list, I’ll have to ask why hers isn’t plush like this one.

  2. dang, we need to give some of these away asap.

    and to quote Geo:

    “Do want”

  3. […] located here if you would like to partake in such a thing. Besides, isn’t it about time the companion cube gets to rest for a second out of the […]

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