Xbox Live Arcade is not so Indie anymore

I came across an interesting article over at Shacknews about the current state of Xbox Live Arcade. Xbox Live Arcade has seen it’s fair share of hits like Small Arms, Cloning Clyde, Roboblitz, plus others. What these games share in common is the fact that these games were released by small independent development studios which don’t have a big budget like some of the major companies out there.

Xbox Live Arcade was touted as being this place where if two buddies created a game in their garage and wanted to put it on Xbox Live Arcade all they had to do was pitch the idea to Microsoft and see if they would bite. According to the article on Shacknews it seems that the once treasured ground for Indie developers is not so treasured anymore.

Design Director of “Frozen Codebase” who is working on the upcoming XBLA game “Screwjumper” said it himself that the climate has changed.

“I think Xbox Live Arcade has gotten to the point where the dreaded realities of business models are setting in. The wild wild west period is over.”

Frozen Codebase’s Ben Geisler goes on to say that being under a publisher is not that bad, if they’re the right one for you.

“As much as I like it, I think [in the indie environment] there’s a lot of whining about how publishers are big, bad and evil,” noted Frozen Codebase producer Ben Geisler. “If you find the right publisher, there will be a benefit there.”

Has the tide changed for independent studios? Time will tell but hey I still want my Small Arms 2… right Don?

XBLA Dev: ‘Dreaded Realities of Business Models’ Setting In [Shacknews]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

6 Responses

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  2. Yeah Don. More please. Green light it MS, if you haven’t already.

  3. yaa, with is the shark with lazers??? it bettr be in the sequal that ur making!

  4. I guess a lot of it comes down to needing money to develop things. Certainly there are some indie studios that can manage this (NinjaBee)… but it’s not very surprising.

  5. I don’t mean to joke,but if Yaris is allowed to be on Live Arcade paid promotion or not then anything else should be a cake walk decision. The risk to reward ratio isn’t anywhere near a high as full retail releases. Taking a chance on a project of a few hundred thousand versus a few million is a easy decision I think. Even if a game doesn’t become a hit, the investment can more than likely still be made back. No retail involvement is glorius for something like this.

    “This is Live Arcade! Not Retail! ” -Leonidas

  6. if they made th development package free then a lotttt more games would be developed for xbla

    i mean why bother and charged for it?

    usual ms policy.

    i could see the wii crod opening it u[ and really taking off.
    sony wont do it with the ps3 beuse they are even bigger scumbags than micrsoft.

    a bit of open source would do wonders.

    theseilly big companies never do learn…ad they wonder why companies like applekick their butts

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