SHOCKER-Gears of War Multiplayer was almost cut out

Put this in the “Thank God it didn’t happen” Category. Around E3 2006 time Epic Games head honcho Mike Capps was not happy with the way the multiplayer was shaping up for Gears of War.

“I was going to cut multiplayer from Gears because I thought it wasn’t coming together fast enough, right,” confessed Epic president Mike Capps. “The day before E3 I’m like “no guys, it’s not pulling together.” And they made it, they pulled it together, and then we won every award.”

I enjoyed Gears of War multiplayer for about 11 or so months as I’m sure a lot of people did. Sure it had glitchers, Host Advantage, plus other negatives but it was still a blast to play. I’m glad your team proved you wrong Mike.

[Via Dtoid]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

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  1. It would have be interesting to see how long Gears would have lasted with just the campaign. I would have given it a few weeks tops. With no multiplayer, Brumak better had been apart of the 360 version, now that 360 owners are getting the shaft.

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