Game Releases This Week(ZOMG! Tons of Games Editon)

A brand new week is approaching us and that means that new games will be shipping to stores nationwide. Here’s whats on deck for release here in the USA.

Guitar Hero 3


Bee Movie:Game

Naruto:Rise of a Ninja

The Simpsons Game


Virtua Fighter 5

Viva Pinata:Party Animals

Wow People. There are a lot of games coming out. For me I will probably pick up just Guitar Hero 3 but, The Simpsons Game looks so funny and creative.

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-


4 Responses

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  2. GH3 and possibly Timeshift.

  3. already got my gh3!!!! so far so good, not a big fan of the guitar, i hav to brake it in a little. and im a little pist ab out the way they use batteries, it dosent hav the typical 360 battery packs which means i cant use my rechargeable battery paks…..

  4. *twitch* guitars aren’t wireless? ****
    Anyways, Timeshift looked good, GH3 did and so does Simpsons game, but I’m not buying games for a while due to being broke. I figure I have enough backlog to last til Jan already, Nov/Dec has holidays I’ll be getting stuff for so my backlog will just grow.

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