First Look: Condemned 2:Bloodshot

Vodpod videos no longer available.

One of my favorite games for the Xbox 360 would have to be the 2005 Horror/Crime drama of Condemned. I know some people who still will not touch that game, for reasons beyond me. Maybe it’s the feeling of death lurking around every corner or the sight of a homeless man running towards you with a lead pipe.

Set for release in early 2008 Condemned 2:Bloodshot is shaping up to be even more gruesome, mind-bending, and more tuned with it’s forensic weapons. New improvements for Condemned 2:Bloodshot include the ability to attack with your bare hands, multiplayer, executions are more varied, and the A.I is much smarter than the original.

I got glimpse over at Gamertagradio that the crew over there will be having a special exclusive interview about Condemned 2:Bloodshot so make sure to keep an eye out for that.

Check out the video and let us know what you think.

-Michael “Thrills Killa Pacheco-

One Response

  1. Condemned is one of my all time fave games. I just cant wait for the sequel. The original was one truly scary game. Perhaps those who won’t try it are just big girls blouses 😉

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