Thar be a profit comin’ outta Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division

In a world where competition is king, nothing has been more of a thorn in the Xbox side then its profitability. Recent events that seem to be pointing toward a rough time for the Xbox in general that has had certain people, myself included, wondering what the outlook for the Xbox has in store. Of course, the Entertainment and Devices Division at Microsoft isn’t all Xbox, but seeing that this is what we do here at the Xbox Domain, lets pretend that that’s all it is for the moment.

A profit of $165 million in the Microsoft Entertainment and Devices Division has been posted, compared to a loss last year of $142 million. Up until this point, the division had yet to see anything of the sort. Is this good news? Yes. Why? Anyone who was a Dreamcast fan would tell you that the feeling of a great console maker closing up shop on hardware because of financial distress or inviability is not the way you want your purchase decision to go out. Anyway you look at it, bring on the black if anything to keep us gamers huddled up to our Xbox’s with years more of enjoyment to come. A feat the Dreamcast sadly never had despite it to having a great library of games also.

[Via Next-Gen]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

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