It’s the Portal MySpace Page!

When will Valve release Portal to the xbox live marketplace? I think the 1200-1600 MS Point range is perfect for this game. Anywhoo Check out the Official My Space page for Portal. The first song to play when you visit is the addicting “Still Alive”. Check it out.

Portal MySpace Page [MySpace]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

3 Responses

  1. As simplistic as it is graphically, I have to imagine it’s an example of a game that wouldn’t easily fit in 150MBs, which is unfortunate. I wish they’d double the limit sometimes.

    I would have really liked to see a downloadable version of TF2 as well. I’d buy that.

  2. how about just buy the orange box, tony?
    I rarely play the half lifes, but tf2 and portal were totally worth it.

    That portal song is now on my ipod, prepare the anti-drug team.

  3. Have yet to play portal, but aweosme songs.

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