EA’s Homoerotic love story delayed(Cough “Army of Two” Cough)

I’m joking about that headline EA. Army of Two is made up of 50% Whoop Ass and 50% Beef Jerky. Yahoo who is trying to cash in on the video game industry by giving random joes “Video Game Journalist” tags posted that Army of Two was delayed to early 2008. Now why would such a fine game be delayed? I played it last month and it felt mostly good.

EA said they needed more time to polish the game. EA’s Frank Gibeau was quoted as saying..

‘Army of Two’ has potential to become a lasting EA franchise — so getting the first title right is essential,”

Riiiiiiigggggggggghtt. Well hey more power to EA by doing this than releasing a game which is broken.

EA delays “Army of Two” to early 2008 [Yahoo]

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

2 Responses

  1. shame we’re gonna wait longer but hopin it will be worth the wait …

  2. yo this game im gettin pretty awsome

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