E4 + 15 Entries Contest Winner

Wow what a battle it was. After 1000 comments the winner was yankeyhotel! It came down to the wire just like this.

Otacon– 999



Yes it was a blood filled battle but yankeyhotel has rose to the occasion. Yankeyhotel has won himself a copy of E4 plus in the next contest which the winner will be chosen randomly he now has 15 entries. Wow.

Thanks all for playing and don’t be surprised if you see another endurance challenge like this in the near future.

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

10 Responses

  1. NOOOOO! still havent won a friken contest on this friken site yet! lmao. DO OVR! geo vs me vs telly, the ones who stuck it out untill 1am!

  2. Don’t feel to bad pasz.. Other then my first 360 that I won from Mountain Dew, I’ve never won anything throughout my entire life. There’s always next time. Thanks for trying.

  3. pff, stupid school preventing me from winning

  4. alright thanks xbox domain you guys rule! can’t wait to play this!

  5. yaa i have won 1000 points in a contest i forgot to enter and i did win geon from a contest becasue they had 10 geons and only 9 people entered……lmao, congrats yankeey!

  6. pasz haha, where did that contest happen (I want geon :P)

  7. http://www.vg-reloaded.com/forums/showthread.php?t=807 it happened a month ago, i feel bad though that no one really entered, lmao

  8. I didnt go on here yesterday..and look what I miss.

  9. Congrats to the winner!

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