“Every Extend Extra Extreme” Efficiently Effective Contest(Update 3)

I tried to make the headline sound really cool with all the words starting with E but, I failed. Anywhoo I’ve got me here a copy of E4 and I want to give it way because giving is way better than receiving.

HOW CAN YOU WIN??????????????????????????

Hmmmmmmm, let’s try something different. Whoever posts comment #1000 wins the game. That’s right commenter number 1000 on this post wins E4. Go ahead and SPAM! SPAM till you hit 1000. Consider this an endurance challenge. 🙂

Sorry but this contest is for non-staff only. SPAM AWAY!

UPDATE 1- The winner will receive a copy of the XBLA game E4 and 15 entries in the next random contest. OoOoOOOoo.

UPDATE 2- If you thought you were going to just slip in at #1000 and win…… Nope. You must have at least 10 comments to win the prize.

UPDATE 3- It was a nail biter but we have a winner. Yankeyhotel was the 1000th comment. Otacon came in at 999 while Geo was number 1001. Good Show fellas.

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

1,021 Responses

  1. You mean I don’t have a chance to win this competition? That is simply not fair. Anyway, thought I’d be the first to post on the most commented post we will ever see

  2. I’m working on something for you guys. I”m curious to see how this works out. 🙂

  3. Blast! If we don’t make it to 1000, can I perhaps use the code to review the game?!? Hahaha…

    Post #3!

  4. 2nd post. Just for the hell of it.

  5. Only 994 posts to go!

  6. Hmmm let me make it more interesting…

  7. so 1k eh?

  8. 1k. Who wants it?

  9. I think 1000 comments can be reached fairly easy. I say keep a close eye on this one and maybe up it to the 10000 comment if it starts getting up there quickly.

  10. so 1k eh? 2

  11. Hate to say it but we’ll hit it fast

  12. I’m more than willing to spam.

  13. WordPress

  14. whoa screw homework, this will be loads more fun!

  15. comment

  16. apparently u cant duplicat comments

  17. We may hit 25 soon

  18. wow the timer sucks!

  19. yea I learned no dups earlier. I’m debating spammin ref links here.

  20. The timer does suck.

  21. The timer makes it more challenging. Who wants it that bad? lol

  22. wasuppi

  23. im in for the long run!

  24. Thrills do you not know of my inner cheapass? I’d giveup sleep to hit 1k if I felt the need.

  25. Random comment………………………currently watching Journeyman. So many Monday evening shows, so little time. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the Colts are dominating!!!!!!1

  26. Thrills do you not know of my inner cheap@ss? I’d giveup sleep to hit 1k if I felt the need.

  27. boo ya kasha

  28. anyone know the length of the timer

  29. If you never commented on this site, now is your chance!

  30. i want my first win on this websit!!!

  31. its been like 6 months id say and i hav yet to win

  32. i wonder when i first commented on this site

  33. 6 months? You’ve been here for atleast 1 year pasz.

  34. lets tak a look see shall we!

  35. If you’re sitting at the screen and just watching the comments go up……. you’re evil!!!!!!!

  36. really a full year? dosent seem lik it….thuogh time flys by when ur havin fun….

  37. I’ve been ere since it was an MSN blog =P I’m half-commenting and half watching it go up.

  38. ooo myyy twenty thrown down

  39. I should start an old timers club and include you guys. Free Wine and Cheese!!!!!1111!11

  40. whoa! sounds like a party! (while searching through archives and laughin at the memories of them)

  41. in my fist of rage

  42. Hmm… why not whine and moose? :O

  43. Also I was comment 50 so booya.

  44. i could go for some taco bell…..probably have 200 posts done by the time i got back

  45. Eh I’d get Taco Bell but I’d fear leaving my commenting post 😮 If I left, who would comment.

  46. me no like the timer

  47. Yo Quiero Taco Bell

  48. i’d comment for ya 🙂

  49. How long is the timer?

  50. dibs on the 1000th post

  51. i dont know but its awfully anooying

  52. ..international dibs rules, including the No Take Backs Accord

  53. It’s an Endurance Challenge!!! You must Endure!

  54. sooo….this is going to tak alot longer than i thought

  55. states that once the “dibs caller” has called “dibs”, “dibs” cannot be taken back

  56. so 1st dibs boys

  57. You guys might be here all night. I’m going to sleep!!!! well not yet. lol

  58. no sir, dibs rule is not abble to be applied in this situation! lol

  59. See, I can override your dibs by using my Invoke Flying Spaghetti Monster (Rank 7)

  60. endurance FTMFW!! 😉

  61. Also Thrills – You suck for sleeping! Pansy! Come back ere, I’ll bite your legs off! *puts monty python on*

  62. soo i say there is a conselation prize for the on who gets comment 100

  63. continueing commenting….or math…..decisions

  64. Yeah Pasz. A congrats. 🙂

  65. I feel bad for whoever is going to be 999

  66. nope, The International Dibs Treaty clearly states that calling “Dibs”, “1st Dibs”, ” $#%*@#! Dibs”, and or any of the combinations, including those not listed above, ensures “dibs” on whatever “dibs” was originally called on

  67. this was a great idea startiung now cause i think itll still be us commenting till 3 am and no other competion

  68. yaa 999 would be extreamlly depressing.

  69. You may say that, but his noodlyness (The Flying Spaghetti Monster) Is the only Real-God level deity, thus envoking its powers can overrule anything, including said dibs.

  70. I think GEO might have some fight in him Pasz.

  71. I might…. OR DO I?

  72. In all honesty, I’ll probably sleep right after this movie. Need to wake up early to hit bank/post office, either I wake up before 10 AM or I’ll sleep past 3 PM. It sucks. I’m gonna say pasz or a lurker will get the game… I hope pasz.

  73. wooooooooo

  74. *cracks neck and fingers*
    ….bring it on

  75. For the record – I hate stinky lurkers who only show up for contests. *gets out the shrubbery*

  76. im dedicated, i hav yet to grab a win from this site and i hav a feeling this could be my first!

  77. is penis censored?

  78. aww, pneis is censored.

  79. I’m gonna keep posting pneis.

  80. wat were u typing that required that?

  81. so…

  82. I’m also De-marking spam as we speak.

  83. this just got interesting

  84. Go Buckeyes

  85. spam spam

  86. Peenis

  87. #1 FTW

  88. spam…

  89. you’re spam

  90. im goin to say a topic and evryone try and spam all the things that come to mind…….SHOE COMAPNIES

  91. NO YOUR SPAM ,kthx

  92. bungie!

  93. Foot Fetish.

  94. im soo pumped for gh3!

  95. Check out the email I sent you, Thrills.

  96. boo

  97. o crap were past 100
    who won it!

  98. Oh sure send HIM EMAILS not me :*

  99. Gotta think of creative ways to say pe|n|is

  100. ya


  102. kasha

  103. 117

  104. 100?? It’s 1000 pasz!

  105. pe|n|is pie.

  106. My applause is your consolation prize.

  107. We are almost at 125, thanks to my pe|n|is pie spam. Or no pie. I need something new to say.

  108. i know but still…if i lose at least i feel lik io won something….

  109. Pickleweasel

  110. i see a f4gg0T ^^^^ lol JP 😉

  111. I’m 125 which is cooler than 100. Also, pickleweasel.

  112. Okay I’m going to stop commenting. Have Fun!

  113. booooo teleY!

  114. oooo….2^^ lol

  115. I think Teley wants a large pe|n|is :O Just in an odd place. :O I won’t go into details.. yet.

  116. nooo we the less people the longer its goin to tak….

  117. Boo thrills is a pansy.

  118. The black knight always triumphs! Have at you!

  119. geo likes in the place where da sun dont shine….Matt are you there?

  120. hmmmm out of ideas

  121. Also, everyone should click where it says “Geo” and signup on that website so I get ref credit. I’d appreciate it while you wait between comments.

  122. bow chika whow whow

  123. nice name pasz

  124. Well see Teley, if my pe|n|is was in any other place on my body, they may think that a rain forest needs saving. :O Oh snap.

  125. psh that a whole nu kind of spam…

  126. i like me.

  127. not very creative… its like ive seen that somewhere else before

  128. Teley likes pink frilly ribbons and wants to kiss all of the boys :O

  129. hmmm…… i wonder

  130. Snootchie Bootchies! :O

  131. hate

  132. its tru…he does…

  133. I’m so just going to post random movie quotes.

  134. Or maybe some TV quotes.

  135. “yes they deserve to die , and i hope they burn in hell”

  136. geo and wiggles and the ex and calc and naty(watered down) lol

  137. Duran Duran is neither a Duran nor a Duran, discuss.

  138. how much is that doggy in the window?

  139. people are bastard coated bastards with bastard fillin

  140. Thats from Scrubs isn’t it

  141. ^^ delicious

  142. gaggleflabberbuster

  143. hell ya, from dr cox

  144. i need to watch some scrubs.

  145. Bad Day LA is an awful game.


  147. man, now that a great show

  148. I think afro wants to sechs up Master Chief :O


  150. is it for xbox?

  151. scrubs FTMFWFRTT

  152. What do you do with witches?

  153. thirlls is still here, i nu he couldnt leave us

  154. 170ish

  155. Its a crappy PC game pasz

  156. Wow we aren’t at 200 yet, this is going to last til atleast 5 AM at this rate sadly.

  157. yarg

  158. how much wood can a wood chukc chuk if a woodchck could chuck wood.

  159. Man this is slooow

  160. Alright so don’t make a mess, someone email me who the winner was, KTHXBAI

  161. i like turkey

  162. Ima go email Thrills that I was the winner and he just doesn’t know it yet :O

  163. with orange dressing and stuffing and biscuits and rolls and mashed potatoes and football and baseball and paintball and girls and tv and xbox and football and scrubs and tv

  164. Alright, make a mess he says, someone start smearing crap all over the place.

  165. arf arf

  166. Also, BORED

  167. ight, i might be leavin u guys to do something semi productive….. ill be bak (another movie quote)

  168. This bores me so I will take my leave, enjoy my minions!

  169. approaching two hundred

  170. im goin to hav to stay till 200

  171. Guys giving up? Quitters!

  172. durka durka mohamad jihad

  173. alla alla hakmet

  174. At this rate Teley might pull the surprise upset.

  175. computer

  176. ill be bak latr…doubt thuogh anyone will kepp posting though till tommroowish

  177. Meh, its not amount of posts, its who is #1k, I figure I can come back later.

  178. no he woint! i guarente it! *evil laugh*

  179. haha
    thanks for all my fans out there watching on tv….id do this more often it ndidnt tell me that i was posting too fast

  180. by the way, im excited abuot the “next conetest” that the winner gets 15 entrie into

  181. any clus of wat it might be…thrills?

  182. Clue? I’m clueless myself. 🙂

  183. figures… but yaa, if u buy gh3 on sunday at ciruity city u get a free guitar stand

  184. I hear Thrills sends out soiled clothing he steals from people for the next contest :O Confirm/Deny?

  185. omg idk mi bfffl jill

  186. yasaa u were..lmao

  187. I don’t comment on rumors or speculation.

  188. i can neither confirm nor deny these allegations.

  189. yess..cant tell u the last time ive won me a pair of soiled pants…

  190. Oh, so Thrills does not deny the fact that he steals already-worn clothing from people :O

  191. The black delegation chooses Colin Powell.

  192. *already worn and pissed on cloathing

  193. So, we build a giant wooden badger…

  194. We know pasz likes more than just the pissed on :O

    Spam is leading to one bad discussion soon.

  195. *This just in!* Colin Powell’s Blackness is under review!

  196. i feel lik this will be the biggest waste fo time if i dont win….

  197. so R. Kelly is on the forums?

  198. no pissing on people faces round here!

  199. starin out into the wild blue yonder

  200. so many thoughts to sit and ponder

  201. i dont believe we need to hear ur mental dioloags and narrating

  202. Goodnight Michelle!

  203. So, we build a giant wooden badger, pasz, thrills and I will leap out of the badger, and take Bethesda by surprise! Not only by surprise, but totally unarmed! Then we take Fallout 3 and run.

  204. You got it dude!

  205. bout life love and lack of

  206. Yea, pasz doesn’t want someone to piss on him, he wants a cleveland steamer :O

  207. So, anyone got some wood to start building the giant badger?

  208. and this emptiness in my heart

  209. sounds like a fool proff plan to me

  210. Who wins in a fight? Joey Gladstone or Danny Tanner? Quick! Answers!

  211. I hope they don’t throw chickens at us.

  212. too old to be wild and free

  213. umm I don’t know either, so Bruce Campbell!

  214. too young to be over the hill

  215. You don’t know Danny Tanner????? And you call yourself an american? Pish Posh!

  216. should i try to grow up

  217. secret answer 3, condalisa rice

  218. Your too ugly to be young, so don’t worry.

  219. but who knows where to start

  220. I call myself American? Oh crap! uh… I consider myself a partial Canadian, I mean Michigan is practically Canada.

  221. so ill just sit right here and donkey punch geo’s mom in mexico

  222. Pfft, I saw your mom in a donkey show Teley.

  223. tru….im a northern ohioian so i hav some canadian in me, but only very little

  224. Northern Ohio? Near Toledo?

  225. your mom was participating in the donkey show

  226. No, it was yours. I remember the tattoo from that night so long ago.

  227. durka durka

  228. acctually ya….toledo, well sylvania/toledo, inbetween

  229. nope, your momma had the tramp stamp, which i think she put on herself

  230. Hmm Monroe is uber-close to Toledo, go there sometimes for Eryndor practices (Dagorhir unit) eryndor.com dagorhir.com if your interested.

  231. INKED!!!

  232. and Teley again, that was your mom, I reached up to put it on right above the butterfly.

  233. not to interupt u 2s mom jokes but were 1/4th there!

  234. your momma had a target, not sure if it’s symbolic or anything

  235. 1/4TH IS NO FULL! boo.

  236. so halo 3 is a great game

  237. i rented it, and it was ok

  238. hey geo, when did u start posting?

  239. not sure if i wanna pay $60 for it tho

  240. I started posting back when he had an MSN blog.

  241. i mean wat time on this post lmao

  242. Oh, within first 10 or 20?

  243. lol…youre so silly

  244. i wish i was that silly

  245. noo like how long ago…geeze, im tryin to figure out how long we been at this


  247. No idea, prolly 11 or so? Judging by movie runtime.

  248. Your sweater is rediculous.


  250. no this is interwebs

  251. Get to fappin! lawlz

  252. fine get all technical..

  253. Cmon guys, everyone knows this is whoville

  254. BOHICA

  255. SHOOP DA WHOOP!!!!!

  256. hopefully his isn’t finished by tomorrow at 7 AM


  258. oh oh, 5 comments he says, well too bad I have 8.. or 9.. idk lol

  259. haha update 2…lol… i think we all have that covered

  260. meh, already got 5

  261. change that to 50 and im set

  262. btw thrills, Ding means you just leveled up.. so you leveled up 3 times… WOOT congrats

  263. That’s for the people who just want to comment once and win. That’s not fair.

  264. Yea, is thrills 4 now? horde/alliance?

  265. Oh Hai, I r monument to all your sinz lolz

  266. horde ftw

  267. DING! Oh and Afro I saw the pic very cool. I will post about it tomorrow.

  268. no sir! but i dont think u stopped anyone since it appears us 5 r the only ones here at the time… and probly until 7am….

  269. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  270. Random quote time!!!

  271. So he’s a 5 horde… *gets on his 70 Nelf hunter to pwn him, then corpse-camps on his 70 draenei shaman*

  272. lol, did you see the right video? Cause I accidently sent you the uprising trailer 2, then I sent the vid I was supposed to.

  273. Okay I made it 10!!!! DING DING!

  274. did anyone elses comment page fail for a brief time?

  275. Man Thrills is just power grinding, level 8 now? or 7?

  276. shouldnt that be update 3?

  277. *camps kill on his shaman so he cant level*

  278. growl

  279. Lawlz at Geo

  280. lol…10 now

  281. *camps afro just because he can*

  282. was there anyone else who unlocked Servers 3-5 of the Iris Halo 3 ARG?

  283. crank dat soulja boy

  284. Aw… Geo owned me… im only a level 26 Blood Elf Lock… =(

  285. My locks a 60 human. Belfs are fgtnoobs

  286. Lol I have to go in 5 minutes… power grind!!

  287. YEAAA

  288. heres som nu blood

  289. Hey I love Befls… oh well, I dont play anymore lol

  290. Everyone here needs Xfire – xfire.com, add georox to yer friends.

  291. Shoop da whoop?

  292. 111666hi

  293. wat u guys talkin about?

  294. I wish 4chan stayed dead. :/

  295. about how we own faces

  296. It’s really update 3 but who’s counting?

  297. me da winrar

  298. ooo

  299. lol 4chan got owned by ebuams yesterday

  300. About how my shadowpriest melts faces.

  301. 320

  302. hatredcopter

  303. ohhh, ok

  304. Shadowpriest – face melting.

  305. Dynamik is in the house!

  306. who’s down for some black jack and hookers? You know what… forget the black jack…

  307. WordPress

    You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.

  308. |>>>>>>K|>)

    Anti-copter missile.


  310. i havent even tried e4 but free stuff is free stuff!

  311. F$g2

  312. WordPress was down before when I tried to access a different blog… that was not gaming related.. *cough* Naughty things. *cough* uh.. I said too much.


  313. I can has cheeseburger?


  315. dethklok is a great band

  316. whoa..that u did

  317. When will WordPress give The Xbox Domain a life time achievement award? Come on now!

  318. wow this is really pickin up on comments

  319. I ❤ Dethklok, whoops, I gotta go, E-BREAK!!!

  320. I’ma watchin mah signed season 5 of Red vs Blue from GenCon Indy.

  321. LUCKY

  322. The domain won’t get that achievement, it will instead get the “OMGAWESOMESAUCE” achievement. Also, Caboose owns all.

  323. oo man, i think im goin to go watch me some rvb to help fill the time, and yess cabosee owns all.

  324. I think I’d be caboose, pasz donut, afro is church, thrills is sarge, and I think someone else could be tex… but I don’t know who here is a girl. :O

  325. I’m THIS close to going to bed but you guys are too funny.

  326. no im not donut, anyone but donut….even though i am for the light red armor

  327. For the record – pasz made love to a blue spider.

  328. No no, your the only one in pink armor pasz, your donut.

  329. is it a spider….get it off….

  330. Stop trying to give it oral pasz :O Its a frickin spider..OHMYGODITEXPLODED

  331. hey man, its been a lonly month, sometime u just gotta sink to those lvls and get what u can…ya know..

  332. But… it esplodeds on you.

  333. pasz whats #1

  334. *enters pink armor*

  335. Your a private… with a dead captain.

  336. that maks u a privite, with a dead captain

  337. Leadership isn’t about firing bullets and stabbing people, its about telling other people to fire bullets and stab people.


  339. Its morris code!

  340. moris is the name of the cat from the commercials.

  341. So pasz signup on 1191AD yet?

  342. i could shooot rvb quotes for 650 more comments…

  343. nop, doin these dumb question bout alexander the great, i will thouhg in a minute

  344. ^^ &^*# that

  345. I could shoot RvB quotes just as long, 1-5 on DVD baby.

  346. lol….NOT

  347. i hav none of the dvds…im deprived….

  348. Yes you are.

  349. Also as I said before, international dibs protocol is overruled by his noodlyness the flying spaghetti monster (FSM)

  350. man, i do hop they restart that series back up….. it was quite a bummr when they ended it

  351. people….post faster and more often

  352. Remember when we used to solve problems with violence? Ah the good ole days.

  353. “international dibs protocol is overruled by his noodlyness the flying spaghetti monster (FSM)”
    show me where it says that in the International Dibs Treaty

  354. Its in the handbook.

  355. ahaha pasz … i have finished

  356. same, just mine is god awful

  357. no it’s not….ive read it cover to cover like 5 times …kinda my job, and not once have i seen it(cause it doesnt exist)

  358. now for phisics…..or maybe i wont….who knows….

  359. Your reading the outdated one. I’m talking the new version with “Revised with new FSM ruling” on the cover.

  360. 620 eh?

  361. i do remember readin abuot the no take back accord

  362. ^^ pasz…yea….which clearly states the rules

  363. wow this has hit extream slowdum

  364. i wrote the handbook, so yours is just a gimmick to try and make a little money

  365. spam

  366. ^^ paszy….i here ya brah

  367. spam2

  368. huhlk

  369. and were bak!

  370. this

  371. spam 3

  372. WordPress servers are hating me right now.

  373. spam 4

  374. is

  375. im loving evry minute of it

  376. boring

  377. 400!

  378. thrills…..just give it to pasz i think he’s the only person who is enjoying this lol

  379. hmmm i think geo left…..meaning the posting is goin to suffer servirly…

  380. i must win this legitly!

  381. althoguh it is gettin lonly here….

  382. GEO is waiting in the wings

  383. he better not sweep in and steal it

  384. well school starts at 8….wont be able to acess a comp till 3..so if i dont win this by 8ish, im screwed…

  385. soo it looks like its just me….for now…

  386. ..

  387. ….

  388. …..

  389. so creativity has gone down the shitter ehh?

  390. i hav an idea to optimise my posting….

  391. *evil laugh*

  392. ….

  393. ur scared….

  394. me wants

  395. …..

  396. ……

  397. i need to get 10 comments i have like 7 i think

  398. ……

  399. Meow. Haha one last comment be fore I go, good night guys, hope to see this at around 800 tomorrow morning

  400. ………

  401. …….

  402. we will see afro sauce…..we will see…..

  403. ……..

  404. …….

  405. ………

  406. spam5

  407. NOOOO my planned failed…

  408. ……….

  409. Teley Vs Pasz. Who will give up first?

  410. Que was your evil plan?

  411. spam6

  412. So, you wanna see my sword huh. BAM, take this period. lol

  413. never ^^ never 😉

  414. i was hoping i could runnin various browsers and post without hiting the time limit

  415. my theory was o soo wron

  416. fjfgjf

  417. …..spam 7

  418. ^^^ cheater…DQ him immediately lol

  419. i’m still here. kinda

  420. alright im leaving u guys soon…i think i might hav to consider this a loss since theres no way im stayin up all night…not enough people

  421. not cheater, just possibly clever…..but wrong…

  422. hayabusaaa

  423. yay geo is here….but not posting….ur one of those kinds….

  424. wqqqq

  425. sdkhlakjghksjhoa

  426. i believe update 3 or 4….shoudl chaneg it to who can post the most OUT of 1000 posts, cause then im deff the leader

  427. i need to play the demo that i downloaded earlier

  428. evryone whore this

  429. spam8

  430. extreme extra extrordinary explosion

  431. Heh. RvB owns.

  432. spam 9

  433. You yell at me and I’ll tell you you suck.

  434. if there was no timer this would be done by now

  435. tfgj

  436. whaaaam

  437. thiss is spam!!!!!!

  438. oka ill be bak latr, much latter…

  439. Last time I got shot… I got a purple heart… this time I want a purple lung.

  440. close to 0.5k

  441. imma go sleep soon lets hope its notover by morning

  442. well if were leavin, whos goin to whore posts….

  443. lets hope nobody stays up all night 😦

  444. spam 10

  445. i dont think anyone is that dedicated…i would if this was a sat night or somthing with nothing goin on sunday

  446. Telly is waiting for all of you to quit. lol

  447. im at like 120 some posts here

  448. Alright I’m out too. I will check in the morning who the winner is….If we have one

  449. i would shit my self if some1 stayed up and won it

  450. who knows…who knows….
    this truly is an endurance race

  451. i hope when i wake up there are like 995 comments 😀

  452. Maybe we can do this again for a copy of Call of Duty 4 🙂

  453. Okay I’m gone for real. +1

  454. ahhh

  455. 0

  456. 00

  457. 4

  458. 62

  459. We’re getting there…almost at the half way point

  460. lol

  461. wow

  462. hahahha

  463. CAKE IS A LIE

  464. CAKE IS A LIE

  465. CAKE IS A LIE

  466. CAKE IS A LIE

  467. sooooooooo any koo cats still awake?

  468. Cool contest idea.

  469. blah

  470. this

  471. is

  472. gonna

  473. take

  474. FOREVER

  475. I

  476. give

  477. up

  478. I’ve

  479. Visited

  480. and

  481. supported

  482. TXD

  483. for

  484. over

  485. a

  486. YEAR

  487. but

  488. NOOOoooOoOOOOOo

  489. NEVER

  490. won

  491. any

  492. fu#@!ng

  493. contests

  494. now

  495. GOOD

  496. BYE

  497. 10

  498. Countdown: 10

  499. I need 8 more.

  500. 7

  501. Numero 1….

  502. “Not in cruelty, Not in wrath, The REAPER came today, An ANGEL visited, this gray path, And took the cube away.”

  503. “Though world and man have crumbled, I thought my cube would last forever. I WAS WRONG”

  504. “Because I could not stop for Death, He kindly stopped for me. The cube had food and maybe ammo. And immortality.”

  505. Would you kindly comment?

  506. Well, he’s kind of had it in for me ever since I accidentally ran over his dog. Actually, replace “accidentally” with “repeatedly,” and replace “dog” with “son.”

  507. Numero 2….

  508. I

  509. Would

  510. Fame was like a drug, but what was even more like a drug were the drugs.

  511. Like

  512. To

  513. Tres!

  514. Win

  515. suck me beautiful!

  516. you dont score!

  517. butters!

  518. Every

  519. rock

  520. fi5e

  521. central time zone baby!

  522. se\/e[\]

  523. e!{I-I7

  524. I\I!n*

  525. Extend

  526. TEN!

  527. Imagination! Imagination! Imagination! Imagination! Imagination! Imagination! Imagination! Imagination! Imagination! Imagination! Imagination! Imagination!

  528. Extra

  529. Extreme!

  530. First rule in roadside beet sales, put the most attractive bets on top. The ones that make you pull the car over and go “wow, I need this beet right now”. Those are the money beets.

  531. Uno

  532. Spammmmmmage

  533. Dos

  534. SPAMAGE!!!!!

  535. even more spam!!!!

  536. Come ON!!!!!!!!

  537. Hmmmmm no winners yet. 🙂

  538. the spammage is weak…

  539. getting closer

  540. Who’s gonna win?

  541. post number 4

  542. another random comment to please the crowd

  543. i hope more people post or we’ll never reach 1000

  544. number 6

  545. number 7

  546. number 8…..8 posts ha ha ha ha

  547. post # 9

  548. This mesage has been brought to you today by message #10

  549. The spam has only begun

  550. here we go

  551. how long in between posts?

  552. Did I read something about Beets?

  553. this is easy

  554. I don’t even have to think

  555. you might as well send me that code now

  556. Aha, im at school :]]

  557. Spam

  558. spam1

  559. A priest, a Rabbi, and Grif walk into a bar, and I kill ’em!

  560. spam2

  561. Who kills who now?

  562. Don’t think your going to beat me Afro

  563. I’ve got my finger firmly on the spam button

  564. Wait, Thrills said no “winners” yet, is more than one person winning? lol

  565. only 591? I thought it would be more overnight

  566. lol i wont be able to beat you here at school, net sucks the nuts

  567. Almost there!

  568. Shhh…

  569. Be

  570. Quite

  571. You

  572. Might

  573. are

  574. Piss

  575. cause

  576. Somebody

  577. 600th comment, boo-yah!

  578. off

  579. come-on guys I’ve got 20 minutes left

  580. hurry

  581. Darkness

  582. Imprisoning

  583. Me

  584. Ahhhh bells gonna ring, brb

  585. time is almost up

  586. power

  587. spam sp

  588. Cool Giveaway!

  589. spammmmmmm

  590. Im baack

  591. Tres

  592. Butt

  593. A7X FTW

  594. 623

  595. +1

  596. aha 624

  597. aw =(

  598. Quatro

  599. rubber baby buggy bumper

  600. Cinco

  601. Wow, who would’ve thought The Wizard of Oz was about politics… homo

  602. Seis

  603. yeah me

  604. i eat babies

  605. me lol wheeeuuuuuiiiwwwww

  606. rawr

  607. nevr get free stuf on xbox live in holland lol dan it

  608. the black man with the white umbrella said to slow down

  609. umbra

  610. aah babies are nice with some ketchup lolz

  611. i woke up

  612. mat



  613. yeah only 300 orso to gooooooooo

  614. rob robbie robbinator

  615. g




  616. go for the


  617. Siete

  618. slooooow dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooown

  619. spam is a type of meat

  620. at the next beep it is 16:30 of posting this

  621. Ocho

  622. i like tress

  623. Nueve

  624. word art

  625. most of the times spam comes in cans and is cheap

  626. you eat

  627. what worst fart ????

  628. danm coming back in a few hours lolz

  629. Diez

  630. Jim Crow Laws

  631. 660

  632. gotta get a few more in, bells gonna ring

  633. ..Sued the train company

  634. I have walked the edge of the Abyss

  635. I have governed the unwilling

  636. I have witnessed countless empires break before me

  637. comment 666 for me?

  638. the first

  639. 2

  640. A nice contest

  641. Hi again

  642. It will be a lucky day

  643. yeah lol olmost there wheeeeuuuuiiiiiwwwww

  644. wel gone eat now see ya lol

  645. Wonder when it will end.

  646. i want the game

  647. it’s never ending

  648. Go go go

  649. Nine

  650. getting closer to 1000 as we reply

  651. Ganaré?

  652. Hmm. You guys suck. If me and pasz stayed around it would be done, you guys don’t pickup the slack well.

  653. 693

  654. 703

  655. I have seen your future and I have learned…

  656. A collection of lies… thats all I am… Stolen thoughts and memories

  657. This is UNSC AI 0459-1 I am a monument to all your sins

  658. 707 woot

  659. danm stil not there yet

  660. wordt game 8 leters ends with …….s

  661. <

  662. ……..s

  663. 990 ooooooooooooooo

  664. banana

  665. carrot

  666. lokomokipkachelefantje

  667. skittles

  668. self destruction destruction butten

  669. imitation m en m `s

  670. Was I right?

  671. banana flavort fried ant legs

  672. nope …….es got a other leter

  673. ¿¿¿

  674. lol olmost 800 yeah 🙂 positive thinking loz

  675. idk

  676. are there more people from holland here ? dont think so lolz

  677. meow

  678. 737

  679. jump around

  680. roflcopter

  681. no you lol? ¿¿¿ jumping jumping

  682. 740!

  683. laser down the rolfcopter with a spartan laser
    yeah achiement unlockt
    laser rolf copter 1000 g

  684. Lawlz

  685. wheeeiiiuuwww lolz

  686. Bob Saget

  687. danm is he stil alive ???

  688. only see him here in th re re re re re re re runs of the show lol

  689. when?

  690. at the 1000 post

  691. 750

  692. 249 to gooooooooooooooo !!!!!1

  693. and whats the time over there now ?

  694. Nurbs!

  695. HYPER NURBS!!!

  696. NARF

  697. Mushroom, mushroom

  698. badger badger badger badger badger badger

  699. is see a snaaaaakkeee aaa snaaaaakkeeeee

  700. nurb nurb nurb

  701. pfffffffffffffffffffff getting tyred of it lol

  702. gone make me somthing to smoke

  703. RS > WoW

  704. rs ?

  705. ____/\___\o/____/\______HELP ME

  706. ____/\___\o/____/\______HELP ME
    / \
    wants a free game but is getting sharkt

  707. hello nobody here any more ?????????????????????

  708. runescape

  709. mmmmmmmmmm?¿¿¿¿¿¿¿its nice thingy to do a conttest like this

  710. hey hey there are people here whuuu hooeoeooeoe lol

  711. Holy hell we just hit 1.9 million pageviews. World Domination is near.

  712. yeah

  713. Reply

  714. danm its taking long lol

  715. 10

  716. 9

  717. nurbs

  718. 8

  719. I ❤ nurbs

  720. 7

  721. shadow is cold

  722. 6 5 4 3 2 1

  723. The Hell I am

  724. 0 happy 792

  725. by the way, shadow is right next to me, and he isnt trying to cheat in the contest.. nor am I. =D

  726. meow.

  727. And apparantly the Cake is a lie… for you who don’t know yet

  728. lol mmm you sure ?


  730. wel keap chaeting to 999 then i wil take over lolz


  732. yeah 800 post

  733. but we arent =D

  734. danm it is 801

  735. Scream

  736. lol 805

  737. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.

  738. Pinkly Smooth

  739. You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.

  740. hoeba hoeba hop hop hop hoeba hoeba hophop lalalalalalaaaaa la la hoeba hoeba hophophop

  741. BINGO !!!!!! KENO

  742. and what do i win now lol

  743. 51

  744. 52

  745. 53

  746. 54

  747. 55

  748. 56

  749. 57

  750. ssssssssssssssssss everybody is asleep

  751. Did I win?

  752. try again tomorrow

  753. words go here

  754. I like to hear myself talk.

  755. hurry faster

  756. something something

  757. Its a post.

  758. hello

  759. is it me you looking for i can see it in your eyes i can see it in your smilleeeee

  760. Still over 100 togo guys. Lets do this faster.

  761. bijna 900

  762. fasterrrr

  763. bLaaaaaaaa

  764. \o/

  765. comone step on the gas mate lolz

  766. um, how about now?

  767. danm hit his head agians the roof because of the bump

  768. soonishly

  769. thats gone leave a mark

  770. `

  771. 883 or so

  772. 900

  773. over 900 I mean.

  774. 98 to goooooooooo !!!!!!

  775. lol

  776. argargahrgahgrahrg

  777. roflolol

  778. rargblarg

  779. Jjdjsajdjsa

  780. Getting there….

  781. yeah Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!

  782. Gotta be careful not to be caught by the timer.

  783. me

  784. want

  785. Arf arf

  786. the

  787. free

  788. game

  789. comment.count = comment.count ++

  790. comment.count = comment.count +++

  791. almost there

  792. 28 to gooooo

  793. comment.count = comment.count + ‘1’

  794. Blah blah blah

  795. owwwyeah

  796. Getting close now….

  797. me me me me me me comone lolz

  798. Oggaboogah

  799. argghhhhh

  800. OooOooOoOooOoooooOOoh

  801. comone almost

  802. who will win

  803. *tense*

  804. uh oh

  805. yeah comone

  806. Maybe me?

  807. Win tbh!

  808. are we at 1k yet

  809. mememe lolz yeah ?????????

  810. WinWinwinwinw

  811. me?

  812. Yankeyhotel wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  813. You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.

  814. where there dfanm it looz ahhahahahahahaha

  815. oh a couple off dang.

  816. Otacon- 999

    Yankeyhotel- 1000


  817. Damn I was one off.

  818. great contest yeah!

  819. I BLAME LAG! Do-Over

  820. aaah noooo you dont mean that noooooooo

  821. GUTTED!

  822. lol i demand a recount

  823. Do over! First to 2k wins.

  824. […] what a battle it was. After 1000 comments the winner was yankeyhotel! It came down to the wire just like […]

  825. I hate school for this…

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