Xbox 360 tops Septembers NPD’s

As if anyone with any kind of fore site should have seen, the Xbox 360 has topped the NPD sales chart for September. Xbox 360 managed to rake in 528,000 for the month off of the back of Halo 3, putting it in the September drivers seat versus Nintendo Wii’s 501,000 and PS3’s 119,000. This makes it the first time that Nintendo hasn’t been on top since its Nintendo Wii launched last November.

NPD reported that in the US, Xbox 360 was the #1 console for the month; outselling PS3 5:1

o Xbox 360 sales built upon its growth from last month, showing a 50 percent increase for the month of September selling an average of 105,600 consoles per week. Total sales were more than 528,000 Xbox 360 consoles sold, compared to 501,000 for Wii and 119,000 for PS3.

o PS3 sales posted an average weekly decline of 27 percent.

Of course console sales are great and all, but the Xbox 360 continues to be the top platform for third party sales as well.

· Xbox 360 software revenue at retail outsold PS3’s software portfolio 8:1 and Wii’s 4:1, selling 3 times more than both platforms combined.

o For the month of September according to NPD, Xbox 360 software represented 74 percent of total software sales for the next generation market compared to 17 percent for Wii and 9 percent for PS3. Even without the sales of “Halo 3” the Xbox 360 portfolio outsold the PS3 portfolio 2:1.

As stated by Major Nelson, it’s interesting to see how the other platform holders are spinning this news in their favor, much the same as Microsoft would if it weren’t number 1 this time around.

Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime tries to seem unaffected:

The Wii went up against the self-proclaimed ‘biggest entertainment launch ever’ and we emerged with our best month of the year.

They fired their bullet and our gun is loaded and ready to fire throughout the holidays.

While Sony does what Sony does:

According to NPD data, September 2007 was a strong month for the PlayStation brand, which showed a 13% increase in total retail dollars generated year-over-year in the US with total sales of $337 million for the month.
PS3 continues to maintain an overall increase in sales, with 119K units sold at retail for the month. Also, with the new $399 40GB PLAYSTATION 3 SKU hitting store shelves on November 2nd, a new $499 price point for the 80GB model effective immediately, and highly anticipated titles available this holiday, such as Racthet & Clank: Tools of Destruction, Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, Folklore, and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, the PS3 is poised for very strong performance through the holiday season and into 2008.
The PSP had a great month, selling 285K units for the month. Success at retail is due to the release of the new slimmer and lighter PSP in North America which includes video-out capabilities for $169, the success of the Star Wars and Daxter Entertainment Packs, and the release of great titles such as Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow.
PS2 sales remained very strong for the month of September, selling 215K units, making it one of the best-selling consoles on the market.

As in a move thats synonymous with Nintendo, the “Sales Saga” must continue forward, because our Xbox 360 sales king princess is in another castle next month.

[Via Major Nelson]

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

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