Download the Guitar Hero 3 Demo for free without TH:PG [update 2]

Don’t plan on buying Tony Hawks: Proving Ground? If not, you to can still get your hands on the Guitar Hero 3 demo previously only available if you bought TH:PG. Brought to you by Softpedia in conjunction with Neversoft is a chance to download the demo free of charge.

Once you have downloaded the demo’s iso image, just burn it to a CD or DVD. After that, pop it in your Xbox 360, grab your Guitar (If you have one, if not your controller will work, but it will be pretty lame), and rock away with the five included songs.

*The DL speeds are slow so be patient

Download the Free Demo Here [Softpedia]

[Update 1] The file can be downloaded from FileShack as well if you are having trouble getting the file.

[Update 2] This demo is up on the Xbox Live Marketplace as well, which is the preferred way.

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

20 Responses

  1. Dload link=broked

  2. Should be fixed now.

  3. Now it works. Odd that it can load off a DVD/CD-r.. I wonder if someone will crack this to get games to run without any sort of hacked firmware. *cough* not that I support that.

  4. Download keeps randomly crapping out before 2% even, I’ll try some other time or wait til its on torrent.

  5. same here only i get up to 5.3 MB then its randomly stops. Is this issue due to high traffic?

  6. It says I have 13 hours to go. That 10 meg down I have is felling pretty lonely, when I’m seeing 50k max every minute.

  7. ok i got it but it doesnt work on CD-R discs why is that? they said we can put it on CD. do i need a CD-RW or DVD?

  8. Steps to get it to work:

    1. Download ISO.
    2. Burn ISO to disc, either CD-R, or DVD-/+R.
    3. Put disc in Xbox 360.
    4. Start Xbox 360 and go to Games > Demos (no, you do NOT have to install it or load it from the disc… the OS searches the disc for demos, apparently).
    5. Rock on.

  9. ya i did this yesterday, works like a charm, looks like this will now be a first day purchase for me!

  10. Yeah, this isn’t working for me, when I was downloading it said there was 400+MB and its only like 92 or something and I burnt it to the disc, put it on my box and it says mixed media disc, I go to demos and nothing is there, just my demos.

  11. Yea when i did this i put it onto a cdr, then when i tried to start it it came up saying.
    game could not be launched, download again

  12. Can anyone host this on Megaupload or something in a zip or rar file? Last night I re-downlaoded and it only downloaded 32 MB

  13. *recommend Downloading from Fileshack!*

  14. Ok. I give up. WTF kind of disk does it need to be?!

  15. When you burn it, make sure your using the “create CD/DVD from image”. Don’t just copy the file to the disc.

  16. Thanks, it works now. ^^

  17. […] your eyes on this demonstration of the “Demo Kit”. The demo kit only comes with the demo, but other then the full game, this is pretty much what you’ll be getting on day one is you […]

  18. […] you haven’t already gotten the Guitar Hero 3 demo by other means, then hop on over to that Marketplace blade of the 360 dashboard to download it that way instead. […]

  19. OMG, do u need a guitar for this? because i want the one that u can play ON THE COMPUTER!!!

  20. GamerGurl644: Guitar Hero 3 is available for the PC as well. Here’s the link.

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