Backstabbing never felt so good

Team Fortress 2 has turned me into a Backstabber people. I’m used to playing games like Halo 3 and Gears of War which for the most part are confrontational fighting games but… TF2 has me doing something way different. In a game where I could be a big macho “Heavy Weapons” guy I mostly find myself wanting to pick the “Spy” class and backstabbing my enemies.

When you choose the “Spy” class in Team Fortress 2 the only deadly weapons you have equipped is a Knife and a Revovler. How can you survive in Team Fortress 2 as a Spy with those weapons? A Disguise! Correct!

So I pick “Disguise” from the options menu and for example impersonate a “Heavy Weapons Guy”. The other team thinks that I’m their “Heavy Weapons” guy so I’m hanging out with them at their base and we’re all like family.

As a Spy you must use stealth as your key. What’s the point of being around three of your enemies and then you start slashing? You will be killed instantly. You must wait to get one of your enemies by themselves, then you go for the throat.

I’m used to being one of the players on teams which try to go in “Rambo” style and try to get as much kills as possible. Team Fortress 2 has me playing like a Sam Fisher and going for the throats of my enemies without them looking.

Some gamers react to Spies as people who are “afraid” to fight but I’m just having fun.

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

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