Bionic Commando’s Debut Trailer!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In a move that’s certain to have Capcom at the top of nostalgic fans lists is the new “Bionic Commando” Trailer!. If this video is any kind of representation of the actual game we’ll eventually get, then I think I’ll have to quote GTR’s Godfree when I say that it looks “Really, really good”.

-William “thewilleffect” Bell-

7 Responses

  1. Spiderman anyone?

  2. I thought about Spiderman as well. I thought I was the only one who noticed that. The real difference here is that there’s no movie license attached to it.

  3. and tthe fact that this guy has an enormusly large BA red glowing arm….but everything else is pretty much spider man

  4. Hahaha, as I watched that, I thought, “Hmmm, Spider-man 4?” Still looks pretty good.

  5. I take it you guys never played the original?? Youngin’s!!!!

  6. Oh Micheal, I can only speak for myself, but I played the original back in the day. I’d rather see a new Battle Toads to be honest, Rare. This isn’t about the original. It’s about this new incarnation. You can’t say that it doesn’t look allot like the last few Spiderman games.

  7. […] remake features two player mode, secret areas, and elements connecting to the next-gen version. No Release date was announced but Japan will get it this […]

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