Rare says “Perfect Dark 2?… what is this Perfect Dark you speak of?”

Some rumors were swirling around that “So far not worth the money” Rare has been working on the true sequel to the original N64 Perfect Dark. Lee Schuneman who is the “head of production” at Rare told GI.Biz that they had nothing new to announce.

“There’s always rumours going around about different games we may or may not be doing but we’d prefer not to comment on rumours at this stage,”

Come on Rare! You know the boys want some more Joanna Dark.

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

3 Responses

  1. I’d prefer KI3 over PD2… but I’m a Rare case! ouch. Sorry.

  2. Gotta be a foreign one, FHM isn’t printed in the USA anymore last I knew… I had a free sub, got the final issue on my shelf, sadly. Hmm.. I’d take PD2, Banjo 3, Conker 2 (NOTE I DEMAND THE N64 MULTIPLAYER SETTINGS, the xbox multiplayer was epic fail compared to heist.) or Killer Instinct anything.

  3. Nice picture.

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