McFarlane’s Halo 3 toys have different armor variants


More images of the McFarlane toys have been released and you will be saying “Where is my Hayabusa Armor?” all over again. Five new Chiefs were announced and they look great. You may not want to wear the EVA helmet in the game seeing how it makes you a glowing orange bowl of headshot goodness, but its great on the action figure! The regular Mark VI armor will be sported in Red, White and Blue. Also the EVA will be in red and CQB in blue. I’m not one to buy these kind of things, but the McFarlane line-up may be my one of few purchases.

*These new armor variants have been mentioned to release in March 2008*

mcfarlanenewchiefs-5[1] mcfarlanenewchiefs-4[1]
mcfarlanenewchiefs-3[1] mcfarlanenewchiefs-2[1]

[via x3f]

– Jerome “the360loop” Francisco –

4 Responses

  1. I buy this type of stuff, I just want a weapon pack and I want them to attach to the back so you can have 2, namely I want rockets with needler :O

  2. lol i would probably buy an elite wearing the ascetic armor.

  3. C.O.B armor looks hot

  4. I’m definitely buying COB and EVA. I *want* non-arbiter elites, really bad. I definitely want many packs of interchangeable weapons.

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