Adam Sessler Lays Down The Law On Halo 3 Haters

Vodpod videos no longer available.

G4TV’s Adam Sessler uploaded another edition of his “Sessler’s Soapbox” series and it’s going to tick some people off. Adam defends Halo 3 and says “Hey, It’s Awesome! Stop Bitching!” to all these haters who point at the fact that Halo 3 doesn’t run in true HD and that it has glitches and other stuff.

At the ending of his Video Blog Adam even has some advice for these haters. Aww you’re so kind Adam.

[Via N4G]

-Michael “Thrills Kill” Pacheco-

7 Responses

  1. I may be one of those semi haters, but i just gained a ton of respect for Adam Sessler today !

  2. Holy shit, you tell em Sessler. 😀

  3. I hate adam Sessler.

  4. Krazynick: What do you hate him for? Was he talking to you?

  5. Nah lol He wasn’t talking to me, I love Halo 3 lol, His voice is just so annoying to me, he is the reason I stopped watching X-play. Damn Sessler.

  6. It has admittedly gotten real annoying. For every person out enjoying it, there’s another couple telling them they’re idiots and the game isn’t that amazing. Get over it already… You think they’d invest that time in playing whatever game it is they think is better instead of lecturing those who are enjoying it.

  7. What’s worse? nitpicking, or swearing and insulting people who may not like the game?

    That’s very unprofessional, he also has an extremely annoying voice.

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