Take a tour of the Alien Races of Mass Effect


Mass Effect is probably one of the most intriguing titles for many reasons. It’s the first incredibly detailed RPG I’ve seen to date, arguably at least. It’s setting certainly sets it apart from other RPG’s on the market. Microsoft is giving us all kinds of information about the universe of the game itself. What I like about this is, we are given glimpses as to what this title holds for us to explore. RPGs have always been about adventure and discovering new things. Here, we are given a straight up guide to the alien races of Mass Effect. Team Xbox laid out all the details for us. I would graciously like to post it up here for you all, however, that would have probably created one of the longest posts anyone in the blog world could ever see.

I will though leave you with a short snippet from that guide of one the races I find most interesting. This will certainly not be a title to miss as Mass Effect unleashes on the masses in November. See what I did there? Read more after the jump.

[Via Team Xbox and Press Release]

Jereme “Restless Devil” Puik

Quarian Migrant Fleet

The quarian Migrant Fleet includes several hundred warships, but due to their precarious existence, cannot be considered a creditable threat. The quarian military does not attack others; it defends the Fleet. Thus far, the Alliance has not been required to block quarian access to human-claimed systems.

Political Factors
The quarian government is an amalgam of ship-based representative councils and military dictatorship. Fleet operations are directed by the military. The Admiralty Board allows the civilian government to run society, but has the authority to overrule them in an emergency.

Economic Factors
The quarian economy exists at a subsistence level. The government is obliged to provide air, food, and water to every citizen to ensure survival of the species. The greatest quarian asset is technical ability. Quarians are skilled space miners, technicians, and mechanics, and are often hired by space industries seeking cheap, skilled labor. This frequently causes protests and riots among native workers.

Cultural Factors
The greatest influences on quarian culture are the creation and revolt of the geth and the loss of the quarian homeworld. In contrast to other races, quarians are reluctant to trust virtually- or artificially-intelligent machines, but they are far more likely to treat them as if they were living beings.

Biological Factors
Little is known of quarian biology. Like the turians, they possess a dextro-amino acid biology, and cannot consume human food. Outside of their own vessels, they always wear a protective, fully-sealed environment suit. No one has ever been allowed to board a quarian ship; they claim they cannot risk outside contamination.

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