Don’t Give Up on Guitar Hero 3 Yet

The EA/MTV Money Train of “Rock Band” is rolling in next month and I see that some gamers have completely forgot about the fun that previous Guitar Hero games have given them. Are you a Rock Band Bandwagoner?

Don’t get wrong I’ve played Rock Band and I enjoyed it very much but I’m not like these other people who are quick to write off the Guitar Hero franchise as “The Past”. The Guitar Hero games are still very much enjoyable and from reports Part 3 looks to improve the foundation of the series even with development shifting to the Neversoft team.

Rock Band is going to be a great game to play with friends but how much are you willing to pay for extra instruments? I hear drum battles are fun but are you going to drop more money for an extra drum kit?

Guitar Hero 3 will include “Battle Mode” which from print alone looks pretty freaking awesome. What is Battle Mode?

Here’s an excerpt of what you can do to your opponent in “Battle Mode” taken from the GH 3 Wikipedia page.

  • Broken string: One fret button on the opponent’s guitar will not work until it is fixed (by rapidly tapping the button).
  • Difficulty up: The opponent will play the song on an increased difficulty for a short duration of time (except for expert difficulty).
  • Amp overload: The fret board will shake and appear blurry, making the scrolling notes difficult to read.
  • Whammy bar: The opponent will have to use the whammy bar before he/she can play notes again.
  • Steal power: This will steal your opponent’s power-up (this will be lost if used when the opponent has no power-up).
  • Double notes: The opponent will have to play any single note as a two-button chord, and any two-button chord as a three-button chord for a short amount of time.
  • Lefty flip: The fret board will be mirrored, requiring the player to switch their handedness on the guitar.
  • Death Drain: This power-up is only available in Sudden Death mode. Once activated, your opponent’s Rock Meter will rapidly drain on its own

Like I said Guitar Hero 3 is going to improve on what previous Guitar Hero’s have done in the past. If you played the hell out of Guitar Hero 2 you’re probably going to love part 3.

I’m not here to take sides in this Red Octane/EA war but I’m just saying give Guitar Hero 3 a chance if you have already written it off.

-Michael “Thrills Killa” Pacheco-

6 Responses

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  2. While I agree that GH3 isn’t history yet, I refuse to buy GH3 after the shoddy way Activision/Red Octane handled the DLC for GH2.

    First it was “most DLC evar!!1!” which ended up being 3 song packs in 6 months… then it came in at 500MSP per pack for 3 songs. Thanks, but if they are going to gouge AND lie, I’m not interested. They lost my money with that little stunt.

    I’ll buy GH3 when it’s used. Hopefully Rock Band won’t take the similar road.

  3. Hah, I’m only getting Guitar Hero III because it’s the only one I can afford, and hell, I’m just getting the game disc.

  4. I love GH2 and GH3 is a must have for me. I am still undecided on Rock Band, primarily because the only thing I am interested in playing is the guitar. I have played Rock Band and while it was fun, it didn’t sell me.

  5. GH 3 all the way ….. I dont wanna hear any of my friends sing .

  6. I honestly don’t like the guitar battle mode whatsoever.

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